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chuck leaves

chuck here. just stating that i left the band. as far as i know we are broken up. tyler, erik, and bubba are working on a project. whether or not it will be STJ, i'm not sure of. but from what bubba tells me the new writings of erik are better than ever, so keep an eye out for that shit. peace.

got a drummer, setting up a tour (5/31/01)

Yes, Stab the Judge got a new drummer. His name is Tyler and you may remember him from local hc/emoish band "One Can Only Hope". we've played one show with him and although we had to end in the middle of the set because i broke a guitar string it was pretty rockin. Getting our priorities straight somewhat and we've got some show dates coming up and maybe a tour in the summer. peace out kids.

we hit yet another dead end(2/19/01)
okie dokie, Stab the Judge has fallen under some hard times as of late. and this is why we haven't updated in forever. Erik and Bubba live on their own now and have been since nov. Steve quit so we are drummerless again (if you saw us jan. 27th you saw erik playing the drums and singing.) Steve is going to stick around for us to record and then he's done period he's decided. it's good terms and everything but the three of us know it's just not going to be the same. but fear not ye STJ fans, as erik said to someone "we're like fucking married", which basically means the three of us aren't going anywhere anytime soon. and if that means erik will have to play drums and sing...then erik will have to play drums and sing. i know we've been going on about making a 3rd recording for over a year now but understand it's really frustrating to deal with studios and 3 out of the 4 of us work and i'm still in high school for christ's sake. we did book time at this one studio out in mattyhole but it was a family of christians who ran it. doesn't necissarily make them bad but just listen. we time for a wed. night. we called and asked if we needed to bring amps or if we were going to plug into the sound board. they said "no need for amps we'll plug ya in." so we just brought some basic drum equip. and our guitars. when we got there the guy asked where our amps were. by the time erik and bubba got the amps and came back it was too late to record. so we rescheduled for the upcoming saturday noon. we showed up but the fuckers weren't there. the studio was a fucking ghost place. i mean what fucking luck!! so we ditched that idea. apparently we're going to talk to justin b. from que se dice about recording but who knows. i'm in florida as of now so we're going to go over that as soon as i get back to the cuse. i'm pretty damn tired of making excuses on this damn webpage but believe me it's really hard to do everything yourself with limited money and time. but on a lighter note i got a new guitar (which is the new love of my life) and an amp head plus i'm going to be picking up a cabinet this friday...this equaling to over $1100 spent on equipment...i swear to god you think you know STJ energy...just wait until we get on through this rough patch. you'll shit your pants. later days.

December gigs done, looking for labels
Manic Monday here. I haven't been doing my duty of maintaining this page as well as i want to, and i know all you STJ fanatics can't get enough of this gossip so here i go. First and formost i will address the Dec. 5th show in which everyone knows i got my lip busted cuz i did some stupid shit...but anyways we played and surprisingly we played really well. it still fucks with my head to see all those people dancing and moving around to lil scum of syracuse band stab the judge. Dec. 11th...oh where shall i begin. We did really fucking good that show too over 200+ we're there,and that's all you need to know about that show! haha. During the holiday break that we're all getting from school we're planning on recording a 3rd demo and sending it everywhere. i don't know if we're gonna be selling this one at shows or not. i don't think we are. as i said we're gonna be sending the thing to labels everywhere and hopefully we'll be putting a "real" recording out sometime in the future. no definite plans, but there's a possiblity that we may go on tour with AUGUST PROPHECY this summer. i hope we do it'd be pretty cool. adios!

Fredonia and Elmira Report 11/21/99
First was the Fredonia show.We all had to get up really early for this one so it was hard getting a start to drive all the way there.So we got a little late of a start.On the highway a bit we stopped and got McDonalds Milk Shakes.So we got to Dunkirk (town in Fredonia) and that's where the show was to be.We got there a little late because we couldn't find the place.So we got there set up our stuff we brought.Played an alright set.Now this is where the Shakes come in they made us a little sick but not sick enofe to ruin the show.Then xHead Onx played they played a really good set and I guess the singer liked us because he dedicated a lot of songs to Stab The Judge.The Eternal Youth played do I need to say more they were awesome like every other time.Then we decided to leave for Syracuse.Thanks Tim for the show. Elmira's show-First Manic could not make this one so Erik played guitar and sang on this one (we all remember the last time Erik did this).We decided to leave the night before and stay with this kid Eric that we know.That night we all had fun and met a lot of the "locals" the were pretty cool people.Then Saturday came Erik and I went to the store to get some food.As of right now Erik has reddish purple hair and at the Store this guy turned around and said "ohh JEASUS" then turned back around then turned around to say to him damn arnt you worried that stuff will make you brain red.Erik just said "I hope so". We got to the show at 3pm and saw a wide aray of people there.Kids that liked punk,hardcore,metal and alternative.It's pretty cool when such an aray of people all go to support their scene.What really impressed us was the PA system they were setting up.The biggest we've ever played on.So all this time we were there we had to try to scam a drum set for Steve to use.We did end up finding one.So we went up to play and tuned and all that good stuff.We played a really good set and people dug it.Even the kids that love Nirvana.Then after the show we left.I'de like to give a shout out to all the Elmira kids especially CJ,Eric,and Statia.All of them are really nice kids in a town that dosn't have much to offer.
Wavs and Lost Horizen show Canceled 10/21/99
Hey folks good news and bad news. First the bad news. Apparently to my knowledge we the show at the lost horizen is not happening so therefore we will not be playing it. oh such a sad pitty. and now the good news. With the help of my bud Tony the STJ webpage now has audio .wav files!!!. go to the songlist section and they're at the bottom of the page. The songs up for now are "Anti-fascism is fascism too" and "You Lied to Her and You Lied to Me". I'll be rotating them every so often so you can hear more songs if you don't have the second demo (collect them all).
Boston Report, song news 10/5/99
well we took a trip to Boston MA. to play a show there. I must say that words can't describe how awesome the punk scene there is. with the exception of venue problems they have there. Jeff from "Disaster Strikes"(formerly The Kookie Kommies) was a very nice host to us and we rode the subway a lot. Saturday night we went to see two oi bands "Showcase Showdown"(from boston) and "The 77's"(from Portugal). Maybe it was just crowd enthusiasm but they were both fucking awesome. Sunday the show came. The venue was an Elke's lodge w/ a small green stage and a huge floor. Disaster Strikes opened then 175 Grams(another boston band, kinda peace punk), then we played. Our set went really good except at the very beginning during our first song all hell broke loose. Bubba's bass broke, Baby J's Drums that he brought with him either fell on him or fell apart, and to top that off a jug of water spilled all over the floor where all the chords were. luckily none of the chords shorted or anything. And people actually knew who the crucifucks were. After we played a speed punk band called Mortorblast played,then The Unseen played, then a former syracuse scene person (who shall remain nameless) had a band called Class Action speed grindcoreish i guess you could say, then some local band played i forgot their name but they were all about "fuck the robots". Toxic Narcotic ended the night off. We then said goodbye to Disaster Strikes and headed to a friend's dorm to spend the final night. We drove back bla bla...i wish i was still in boston.

One final note that will make everyone happy we are not going to be playing "Fuck you Nazi Mother Fuckers" live anymore until we change the lyrics because they kinda suck. that's all for now.

Web page stuff (9/25)

my apologies on the shows page quality i'm trying to keep updating as much as possible but i've been really busy. as time goes on i think the bad religion thing is seeming less possible. just haven't heard any word about it, so i don't know. same goes with DRI. i guess they're playing in albany but i don't know anything else concerning us. Blanks 77 show was very awesome, i'd like to suck up to rich again and say thanks cuz we won't be getting another show like that in syracuse for a while. boston is go and we're looking forward to it. i'm done rambling for now.
Shows and Side Projects (8/30)

Here we go. Bad Religion/Avail- Nothing more as of yet known about this show. I guess B.R. are recording and going to be recording soon and going to be doing a tour. If they stop in Syracuse we're gonna be opening. About Avail...I don't know a fanatic told us it wasn't possible because they're touring somewhere else. i don't know, we're not booking it. Next: Although dougtful we may be playing a few shows in NY with other well-known band D.R.I. (if you don't know these guys...who gives a shit? come to see us). Since Erik is humble and all that some kids from boston that he let stay at his house for a day contacted him recently and are letting us play a show down there with Toxic Narcotic and The Unseen. That's it with show news and now on to the next topic. Erik and Baby Jesus have started another project with some members of local posi-hardcore band Eternal Youth. The name of the band is going to be called Slit Wrists or something like that. Erik will be playing guitar and Baby J. will be drumming. They should be practicing soon and probably playing a show Oct. 23rd at the westcott. and i will leave you with that.
New demo finished, Albany report (7/25/99)

We just finished with our 2nd demo with 10 songs. For those who heard our first demo you will be very surprised with the new style of Erik's vocals. He's stopped trying to sing and mainly screaming the lyrics. We're including a lyrics sheet for the benefit of the listener. I think we've also changed in our attitudes more also. We're not doing the "fuck you i don't care" thing anymore and taking things much more serious as of late. On July 20th we played a show in Scotia, NY which is basically right in Albany and i would personally like to thank Judd who booked the show for having us come out there and play the show. We all had fun and hoped everyone else there did too. We met two extremely nice bands from Missouri U$MC and FUGUE. They were on tour and are just finishing up. Best of luck to everyone in those bands. That's all for now the new demo is being sold for $1.It is going to be mailed out soon everywhere for reviews in zines and whatnot be on a lookout for it if you want a copy just e-mail us for now.
Shows and new demo progress (7/12/99)

Ok,first this isn't Manic Writing this it's the BubMeister.Well I figure I should update this because Manic hasn't in a while.Durning this week of the 12 through the 16 Stab The Judge will be recording our second demo.Re-doing old songs and doing new songs.A lot of changes to old songs so we are re-doing them,and I think the biggist change is the voice.Yes Erik L.W. has a new sound and you all of our dear fans will be amazed with the change.Hopefully the sound will be better than the last.

Second S.T.J. have many shows comming up (all details on show page),but our first out of town show is July 20 in Albany.Plus we have one Aug.3 and Aug.7 both at the Westcott Comm.Center.We also have another one I just found out about on September 12 with BLANKS 77,much thanks to Rich the Dangerhaus for this one.Like I said before all details are in shows listings.