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Here are some links to various other bands and projects in the central new york area.


The Splits('77 punk from Rome, NY)
Under The Gun(punkabilly from NYC)
The Disenchanted(500 shows in Syracuse and counting)
Savage Pisser(...yup well they need a drummer)
ill Nature(Syracuse ska/street punk)
The Daisies (awesome noise band)


COUNTER CULTURE COMMUNITY CENTER(i don't know what happened to this)
Food Not Bombs
Syracuse Community Radio

Misc. Links

The Kidnap Letterhead(don't know what happened to this either)
Northeast Show List(hasn't been updated in like a year)
Syracuse Ska Scene(name says it all)
SvnSinz Ring O' Hell(sinister pogo poet)
ENTER the DANGERhaus(home of Sewercuse punk page)