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Erik and Manic
Erik, Bubba, and Baby Jeezus
Manic looking retarded
Bubba, Baby Jeezus, and Erik
Erik and Baby Jeezus!
Oh my lord... it's Baby Jeezus!

Images taken 4/10/99
Erik and Baby Jeezus!!!!
Erik again
Erik, Bubba, and crowd
Manic with the mic and crowd
The Band
STJ guitar hero
Erik and the crowd
Erik and Bubba
Manic and Bubba jumping
Manic and Erik
Baby Jeezus again
Erik Least Wanted

these are from a lost but recently found archive on my computer. they were all taken at the last show with steve on drums i believe. other bands that played this show were the pacmen, fallen short.
Erik man of mystery
baby jeezus w/ doug's drumset
we work hard, we rock hard
erik kneeling
bubba, erik, manic's head
jeezus' back, erik and manic pt1
jeezus' back, erik and manic pt2
dramatic manic
erik and friends pt1
erik and friends pt2
manic,erik,jeezus, and bored people
erik, bubba, and a couple of nuts
mr sticks man and mr guitar guy
erik and the red eyed zombie people
manic's ugly mug
baby jeezus' lonely hearts club
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