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Past shows of 1999

Jan. 10: w/ Human Shield, Martha Dumptruck Massacre, Peg-Leg/ Westcott Community Center

February 14: w/ Abalienation, DelaHoya, Fallout,Peg-Leg, Human Shield - At the Westcott Community Center

February 28:Kill Your Idols, Under the Gun, Stab The Judge, MDM.(Delilah's house).

April 24th at Another Level (former hungry charlie's) with Violent Society, The Disenchanted, The Boils, The Goons, and The End. show starts 1pm and is $6, . (btw big thanx to Jessika for this show )

Saturday 4/24/99-Night punk Show- Just Past, Black Boot, John's Gross Finger, Stab The Judge, A Ghost Named Marshall-All Ages-6pm- $3-Westcott Community Center-for info call Shawn at (315)682-1902

Saturday May 1:Another Level w/ Tuuli,The Splits,12 Step Program,and the Falsies .It is at 1 sharp $6.

Tuesday July 20: at Beukendaal Temple in Albany or Scotia. Fear Tomorrow, Aberrance, Down Foundation, U$MC, Stand Tall, Transition, Fugue, Sever.

Aug. 3rd/No Boarders No Boundries/Throwdown, Never Again, Day of Mourning, Diecast. show starts at 6pm, and is $5 .

Aug. 7: w/ Ill Nature, Just Passed , The Recalcitrants,Lost Soul Division. Westcott community center 4pm-when it's over or when westcott closes.

Saturday Sept. 11 METAL!!! w/Bellow,Penetration X, s.a.n.e. at Starlight Ballroom 9:30-?. $5

Sunday Sept 12 Pogo/Oi! Show-Blanks 77,The Cuffs,Ill Nature-All Ages-Wescott Community Center -4pm-$7-call Rich at (315) 736-2087 or for more info

Sun 10/3 In Boston, Mass. w/ -The Unseen, Toxic Narcotic, Mortar Blast, Class Action, 175 Grams, Kookie commies @ the Brighton Elks Hall 3:30pm, 7 bucks Anarchist Liberty Union Benifit

Friday Oct.15@ Starlight Ballroom w/ Bellow,S.A.N.E. and Texas Shocker.9pm $4

Saturday Oct. 16, w/ Dead Eyes Under,Blue Skies Fade,Shattered, and others at the Westcott 1pm $6.

Sunday Nov. 14: [the end](canada), eternal youth, xheadonx, locked in a vacancy, beyond reason, stab the judge...dunkirk vfw 113 deer st. dunkirk ny

Sat. Nov. 20th-somewhere in Elmyra, NY w/either One King Down or Buried Alive, Just Passed and others. obviously more tba.

Dec. 5th: SYRACUSE LOCALS. @The Westcott w/ Eternal Youth, God Below, Stab the Judge, Spark Lights the Friction, Santa Sangre, Yours Not Mine, and The August Prophecy.

Dec. 11th @ The Lost Horizen :iLL nATURE,LSD,August Prophacy,Beyond Fall and more TBA .7pm,$5.