You Gotta Laugh!

Comedy. What would we do without it. Well, I think I'd be climbing the walls, and being very vicious if I couldn't laugh. And the best sense of humour to have is a warped one. *G* More fun.

Ok now, well, I've split the stuff I like into 2 halfs, Australian comedy, and British comedy. I had to, coz I kept getting told it all took too long to load.

In the Aussie comedy corner, we have The Doug Anthony Allstars (of course). My favs, of all time. Plus, Lano & Woodley, and a couple of snitches of Jimeon & the D-Gen's Late Show.

In the British corner, we have Red Dwarf (another great fav), plus The Young Ones, Blackadder, and Fawlty Towers.

So that's a titbit of what's on the pages. I'm working on them at the moment, so sorry if you have trouble with them.

Oh yeah, I've put the link to Good News Week here, coz I really wasn't sure whether to put it here or on my sixth page. *L* It's a really great site, to fit a really great show!

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