Curl Up With A Good Book

Even more than movies, I can't get enough of books. I'll read almost anything.

Here I have links to sites for David Eddings, the author of The Belgariad series, and many more, and Melanie Rawn, who wrote The Dragon Prince series. I was silly, and got her latest book, The Ruins of Ambrai, which is the beginning of a whole new series, and the other books haven't come out yet. So I'm dying to know what happens!! *S*

Others I like include Bryce Courtney, Katherine Kerr, Anne MacCaffrey, J.D. Salinger, Tim Winton, Ken Kasey, Tom Clancy - especially Patriot Games - Douglas Adams, Framk Herbert, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, James Herriot, Thomas Harris, Robert Westall, Roddy Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, Raymond E Feist, C S Lewis, Robert Cormier, David Gerald, Robert Drewe and Louisa M Alcott. Some more, of whom I've only read one book, but I think they're great, include Fredirick Forsyth, Joel Smith, Richard Hooker, William Golding, T H White, Peter Hedges, Evan Runter, Ben Elton, Jim Schembri, and Lano & Woodley. Oh, and of course, all the Red Dwarf books.*G*
Tell me if you want a list of the books these people have written, and I'll put it up.

I also love the artwork of Michael Whelan, who has done covers for many different authors.

And I've also written out one of my favourite poems - Pete the Piddling Pup. It's Australian, I don't know the author, but it's hilarious.
I hope to have more poems written up soon. Take a look at my jokes and dirty limericks pages. *G* I'll keep adding to them, as I find more, and have time to write them out. Enjoy!

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