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Diamond Rio
How Your Love Makes Me Feel

I'm no poet and I know it
I don't use five dollar words
This might not sound like much compared
to all the things you've heard
But here's how I'd explain it
since you brought it up
It won't sound like anybody else's version of love

It's like just before dark
Jump in the car
Buy an ice cream and see how far
we can drive before it melts kinda feelin'
That's how your love makes me feel inside
There's a cow in the road
and you swerve to the left
Fate skips a beat and it scares you to death
and you laugh until you cry
That's how your love makes me feel inside

It might not be suitable
for greeting cards and such
But it's a true and honest feeling
and if you feel it half as much
We could go through life together
without a worry or a care
Knowing deep down in our hearts
that we've got something special here

I have always heard you can't put love into words