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~Romy White~
Home:Top floor of mine and Michele's cool appartment in Venice Beach
Birthplace:Tuscon, Arizona
Favourite Colour:Blue
Favourite Club:Club Fix
Snack of Choice:Candy corns, gummy bears and jubejubes
Drink of choice:Diet Coke w/ extra cherries, for business women!
High School:Sagebrush High in Tuscon
Crush in High School:Billy Christensen
Nicknames in High School: The Chubby Girl, one half of the madonna twins and Jabba
Weight Watchers Factor:I was kinda heavy in high school, until I got mono which was like, the best diet ever!
Favourite Dance Club song:"Be My Lover" by Emjay and "Stayin' Alive" by N-Trance
Automobile of choice:Well, I drive a Nova
Favourite Day in High School:Hamburger day in the cafe
Special Talents:Looking so good with blonde hair and black roots that it's not even funny, able to detect an armani suit and carry a flip phone
Graduated High School:1987
Hobbies:Dancing (which payed off later), driving, snacking and looking cute :o)
Funnest person I know:Michele Weinberger!
Trademark saying:"Oh, I hate throwing up in public!"

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