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Leonardo DiCaprio was borned in California, November 11, 1974. His special name Leonardo comes from a part of his mothers pregnancy. When she expected leo she was on a artdisplay by Leonardo DaVinci. That was the first time Leo kicked (in her stomach). - That´s why his name is Leonardo. Leo has no real brothers and sisters, but he has a stepbrother who´s name is Adam. Leos father Geoge comes from Italy. He pruduces cultural astrobooks and finely arts. His mother, Irmelin, comes from Germany and she was a lowyersecretary, before she started handeling Leos book-keeping. His parents seperated when the mother was pregnent. But they are still married and good friends. Allready when Leo was 14 years old, he was expelled from school. He also used to pinch chewinggums. But Leo is a very generous man. He gives lots of money for charity. Leo started his career early. As a young boy he made lots of advertisingfilms for matches and bubblegums. 1991 he got his first TV-part in the serial Groving Parts. Then he made some parts in Lassie, The Outsiders, Roseanne and Parentshood. Even if Leo is a very young moviestar, he has been active in many movies (so far); Growing Pains, Critters III, poison Ivy, Gilbert Grape, Thos Boy´s Life, The Shooting Party, Faster Then Death, Hundred and One Nights, Drifting in New york, Total Eclipse, Romeo & Juliet, Don´s Plum, Titanic and his latest movie Marvins Room.

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"People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat. They want you to be miserable, just like them. They don't want hero's; all they want is to see you fall". - Leonardo DiCaprio

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