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My Story:

Hi my name is Ricky and I am 17 years old. 
My mom and I are doing this page to let others know that it is ok to be different. 
I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes April 1998. 
I would like for you to take a few minutes of your time to read about me (and so many other kids in the world) who have juvenile diabetes yet no one knows how to stop this disease. 


My day began at 6:00 every morning, no sleeping in for mom or me. The first thing I did is prick my finger and do a blood sugar test with a meter to check and see if my blood sugar level is where my doctor wants them to be for me. I have breakfast by 6:15 after 2 shots, then a snack at 9:00, then lunch by 11:00 after another finger stick, then a snack by 2:00, then dinner by 6:00 after another finger stick and another shot, then another shot and snack at 8:00 and then bed by 9, between midnight and 2 a.m. to make sure I am not to low during the night mom does another finger stick while I am asleep if my numbers weren't right when I went to bed. 
     I have to eat at specific times because the insulin is timed to "peak" at certain times of the day. My fingers do get sore because I have to get it stuck at least 6 times a day (and that is if I bleed the first time I'm stuck) and that is on a good day. I get shots in my arms, belly, legs and bottom. Since diagnosed I have had to have at least 50,000 sharp objects entered into me weather it be injections or finger sticks and that isn't counting extras, like the weeks I was in the different hospitals because of prolonged highs or to many lows, that is just shots and finger sticks at home. I have even gotten an infection in two of my fingers where I could not even use them to pick up a pencil they were swollen and full of infection. 

As you can see that even though I do have a daily routine, insulin is not a cure but it is to help keep me alive so that I may be like other "healthy" kids my age. If I do run and play harder than usual I risk having low blood sugar. This can cause a possibility of convulsions which is life threatening and harmful to my brain development. I can also get sick from high blood sugar and that can cause possibilities of a diabetic coma. Which I have already experienced both of these already. Since diagnosis I have had so many highs and lows that the doctors don't even know how to fix it or how to handle it.

When I catch a cold, illness or even the normal kids stuff (chicken pox, poison ivy etc.) we must be even more careful so I don't end up in the hospital. For even these can be dangerous. Even with my added diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Defisit Hyperactivity Disorder) if I dont take my medication for it I can get crazy readings and then I am on the roller coaster of ups and downs again. 
As I grow up with this disease I face the possibility of blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage or amputation of my arms or legs and yes even cancers (so no having cancer isn't better than this now is it? Although next to it or HIV/AIDS this disease is the next top ones for children) These are just to name a few complications that may occur. It is really tough for my family and those that I know for they all need to know what to do if I go into shock or get sick.

Those with this disease will continue to live with a daily routine like this unless researchers can find a cure. There have been some breakthroughs but nothing can help me right now we can just take each day as it comes and keep going on. They feel they are on their way to discovering a cure, but it does take money to help those that will come behind me with this disease. 

ALL OF US DREAM OF A CURE AND BEING "NORMAL KIDS" Ricky has told me time and time again that God helps him with this everyday just so he can tell others that it is ok to be different and to want the same kind of lives other kids have.Even though daily he changes his mind on what he wants to be because if he cant get his numbers under control then he cant even get a drivers permit for the doctors wont sign off on his condition so he can obtain it like normal teens. 

STATISTICS TO ASTOUND -- We also found that there are more diseases in the USA that get help of one type or another from State or Federal moneys that can be cured, but yet our children sit by the way side and wait for someone to care enough to say "Ok enough is enough lets help them live their lives to". Today kids with quite a few diffrent diseases or problems can't get health care like "normal" kids. And the worst part is "our" kids can't get life insurance until they are "so old" or "you are stable" or "you have lessening problems" (these are just a few reasons I personally have heard explained to me why I can't get my son life insurance).

SUPPORT TO LIVE-- Please all  we are asking that all that see this page help us to bring to the attention of the State and House of Representatives that moneys are needed for research and help for our kids. Lets get real this is not just going away there are more and more children with this every day (diagnosed every day is 13,000 children)then there are the ones that are dying but yet who is taking notice-- the families that have to love their children then watch them fall apart health wise.

However, we can not do it alone we need alot of folks to send emails (or send the email to me and we will forward it to them for you), letters, calls and visits to their chosen Representatives. 
Please help us to help our kids be like the other kid in class!!!!!


     We have been in WI for over 5 years now and things are still up down and all around. Ricky is 17 and on the pump now and he is still having highs and lows. We have lowered his basal (long acting insulin) and he has to take insulin (bolus) for every carb he eats or drinks. If he doesnt then we could (and have quite a few times in last month) end up in ER and in the hospital. Yes this is "his" disease but you know what truth be told to all -- it is a family disease as well. I dont get alot of sleep I end up chasing myself around for he has to have a meal at this time or snack at this. I worry constantly when he is here or gone away. The biggest worry of all parents are the phone ringing and finding out our child needed 911 help or he/she has a blood sugar of over 500 and is now throwing up (that is a definate trip to ER for they have to be hydrated). Being his mom I wouldnt change for any amount of money but if I could stop him from having this disease I would give anything to help him. This is why we have this page to ask for you as a parent (or a child to inform your parent) that we need help to find a cure. Insulin is not a cure it is minor "bandaid" we need to find a cure and this takes money, time and energy from all. Please help us as parents to have our children walk out our door with the peace of mind that we dont have to fear the phone ringing or someone coming to our door. 

Please hug your child today weather sick or not and tell them how much you love them and to thank them for being in your life. Every moment is precious and counts.


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