HDI Press Releases:


Issued by the HDI press office 04/01/08


The HDI CAN OFFICIALLY confirm that we are moving venues for the rest of the Monday Darts season and next, we will now be playing all matches out of the Stockwell Arms P.H. in Stockwell street Colchester and Yes we will still intend to keep our name.. HDi

To stop any confusion we would like to state we have in no way fallen out with any of the good people at the Highways S.C and indeed we still hold memberships at the venue. Although the constant uncertainty regarding landlord/lady and the future availability of food on match nights was a factor we took into consideration.One of the reasons why our tuesday team pulled out.

As local dart circles know, it was always a temporary arrangement mainly as a result of every pub we ever played for has shut for various reasons, the reason why we are called HDi (Homeless Darts Inc) was to enable us to find a stable home.

The Stockwell arms has a long history of darts success and we hope we can build on this and take the Pub to new heights in the local league.


Issued by the HDi press department 23/09/07
Abbey Arms Shocker

2007/2008 Seasonal News
Well Time has caught up with the Abbey aRMS this year as they have apparently informed the league they will not be playing in this years top flight. Is this a sign of the things to come as the smoking BAN bites into our heritage.


Issued by the Nomadic Darts Press 20/09/07
OLD SCHOOL BACK? One out 2 in?
Rumours ARE TRUE - exclusive !!
Homeless Exclusive, We can confirm that Steve Mullinger and Mak Nagra are returning for the new season , previous crowd favorites tired of milling round the back streets and ghettos have decided to dedicate another season to the story that is the HDi.

Major news however is last years star "old Boy" Paul Walker has left the HDi for a short term stint in his local town Pub , we would like to wish him well and we are looking forward to seeing him back in the HDi dressing room shortly


Issued by the HDI press office 11/09/07

HDI Website Storms back Online

2007/8 Season
The HDi embark on yet another season , i have to apologise for my absence for two seasons.Workloads severely cut my online time and i was unable to maintain the level of service we had up and till recently put together with you all.So hopefully i will start gradually and build up our previous head of steam.

In the meantime...enjoy and welcome back to the HDi Primetime web team


Issued by the HDI press office 20/09/04


The HDI START to the new campaign has been rocked by a series of "4" high profile departures that has almost certainly moved them from potential "retainees" to a season long relegation dogfight, The euphoria of their maiden championship disappeared rapidly under a cloud of confusion, and rumours . The HDI leaders are fully aware of all the allegations and rumours and our official line is this "So what" ..HDI dart team members would like it known that EVERY member past, present and FUTURE always has a place to run too !!!HDI!!! and that any "rumours" true or otherwise are just that ..so PLEASE stop asking us ..cause quite frankly we are getting BLOODY TIRED of keep answering.
SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: "dont let it spoil things!! repair the damage" [oh and we still love ya guys =) ]


Issued by the HDI press office 09/03/04


2004 Season Finale
The HDI WINS the Colchester and District Darts League on the last game of the season, A fantastic army of traveling fans swarmed down to the Anchor Inn (tiptree) to spur on the HDI to a thoroughly deserved success over their closest rivals to win the coveted trophy for the first time in there history albeit on legs.

No one can take away our moment of triumph, needing just three legs to win the title out right the HDI stumbled over the line dragged along by Beer,Fags, and support that rockkked!!.


Issued by the HDI press office 20/02/04
Will HDI Triumph ? will our nerves hold up?

2003/2004 Seasonal News
Well what a thrilling climax is in store for the Colchester and district league , while there are runaway leaders in the other Divisions, Division one is proving the tightest battle in years.

Four teams are all in with a shout with just two games left to play , and with the HDI sitting out this week on "bye" week they will lose there top slot for the first time in a month. will they regain it come the final game!!? , which just happens to be against another main rival for the title the Anchor B.


Issued by the Nomadic Darts Press 30/08/03
Nomads get new Home
Highways rises from "Monday nites" Abyss.
After 4 turbulent years the Dartists formerly known as royal oak , Britannia, Salisbury have a new home for next season .. thanks to the kind people at the Highways social club who discussed our application at mondays meeting. we will be playing from there next season. Highways now have a monday side back in the top flight of colchester darts, and with luck, we will bring back its first silverware.


Issued by the Salisbury "Information" Ministry 17/05/03
Salisbury to Close down ?
Sold for redevelopment!!
Out in the cold again , another move for a reason beyond our control, word in Colchester is almost as bad as other places and indicates darts and dart venues are rapidly degenerating into a joke soon the only thing you will be able to throw is "up" as the place gets bogged down in food pubs and upper class idiots using our traditional haunts as their new form of entertainment, slowly but surely breweries are hammering the last nails into the darting coffin. Since i have been around i have personally seen close to a dozen pubs and venues closed down and either sold for chinese /chip shops or knocked down to make way for housing or tescos. This once thriving game for working classes (not that they exist anymore) is on the slide and unless action is taken soon, the game is doomed.


Issued by the britannia press department 11/07/02
Britannia Moves Again

2001/2002 Seasonal News
Well Time has caught up with us , inflexibility by the landlord coupled with numerous in game and during matches complaints we have called time on the Britannia and are moving to the salisbury pub for next season , it should be a one-season deal but who knows..


Issued by the Britannia "Tourist" Board 20/04/02
Britannia to go Nomadic ?
New Landlords Again!
The pub has been taken over by as yet unseen people, will it close down for a paint job ? we dont know , watch this space for more news as we get it

Issued by the Britannia Press Department 09/07/01
Britannia Gets a Makeover!
Hi..well as you can see we have been busy at Britannia Webmaster control and we have added a few things to our site that we hope you enjoy. Links to our friends at the the Essex site and MAD promotions plus a few online places you may find us...try our virtual trader link and join in the fun login sign up and join our league email me for details.Finally we hope to update you with news from our league AGM on monday 16/07 all the usual gossip here as we go .

Issued by the britannia press department 09/04/01
Britannia Gets Pushed out to 3rd
Hi Congratulations go to the Anchor "ESSEX" Press who finished champions and the Silver Oyster (runners up)for this years performances in the Colchester Dart League .. The Britannia finished third which considering the results we had against lowly opposition is pretty good ..the league looks like being restructured for next season so i can only hope our friends at the Horse can maintain their division one status ..good luck guys ..

Issued by the Britannia "Tourist" Board 18/03/01
Britannia Goes Nomadic Again
Brit shut for Refurbishment
Ok the Britannia pub is up for refurb by the brewers Green King so our last matches will be played up the road at the Queens Head , our nomadic curse has struck again and we find ourselves looking at yet another alternative venue for the remainder of the season,we will inform you guys of any major developments as and when we can.

Issued by the Britannia press department 30/03/00
Britannia Gets edged Out
Outrageous Gamesmanship Poor League Decision making meant this years title went to our bitterest rivals at the Anchor Press..Sure they beat us twice ...No reason to let them and the cause of the problems "Lord Nelson" get away with Murder! The unforgiveable acts that led to this situation were a bending of the rules which allowed three cancelations by the nelson to go unpunished as they affected the out come of the title,The fact that our main rivals came and played on the same nite as us on OUR board was shameful..The fact that 1ST PLACE AND 3rd PLACE WERE written on the chalkboard BEFORE the game had started..The fact that the Anchor cancelled the Nelson match and had no right to play the game on OUR board on the same night and the points and the 9-0 should have gone to the Nelson ..The fact that Joe Gregory Chose not to play against the Press when he played against us is not forgiveable ...The fact that Ces Schofield and Jeff Elliot chose to go after the first match was not good either ...The biggest gripe we have got is that if this were a football match then they would have got punished for putting an understrength team out against the team who would and eventually did win the title