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Paul's Pictures - September 2003

I thought I'd be updating this all the time, but I guess, between work and school and standard slacking off, I've forgotten about it. It's not that I don't have the pictures-- I do-- I just don't feel like updating or whatever.

I'll try to do better this month.

September 29

The guy upstairs likes to balance things. Here he is on one particularly precarious night. He started with a remote, then a DVD case, then the other three remotes (that was tricky), obviously followed by a can of Mountain Dew (empty, I think).

At this point he started looking around for other things to balance. Finding nothing within reach, he took off his shoe and completed his masterpiece.

September 23

The guy across the hall gave me an old video card for my computer, to see if I could get two monitors to work at once. So I borrowed a screwdriver, took apart my computer, and put it in.

It worked, sortof. But when it did, the original video card stopped working. I wasn't able to get both cards working at the same time, they somehow conflicted with each other, and I'm not sure why. I couldn't even get my original card to work until I removed the "new" one from the computer.

So this is a picture of my computer in mid-surgery. Since my computer was where my monitor was, and my monitor was on my mushroom-of-a-chair, I had to also relocate the mouse as well. Believe it or not, that jellybean mouse pad was a graduation gift from the Buckmans, way back in '98.

This also gives you an idea of how messy my room is. Not something I'm proud of, but I'm working on getting it clean. No really, I am.

September 18

You couldn't ask for better weather. Partly cloudy, light breezes, and perfect for barbequeing, as one of my housemates shows here.

September 16

I haven't been to any other campus, but I think K-State's campus looks pretty good. They try to keep it looking clean and green.

This picture is almost timeless, as it could have been taken years ago, or years from now and not change much. This is one of the many sets of bike racks that can be found around campus. I might mention this is not one of the busier times, otherwise it'd be a lot more crowded. In case anyone wants to look it up for themselves, this is the one North-East the Student Union.

September 11

I like rain, and the pitter-patter and thunder and "swish" as cars go by and the occasional cricket chirp and the dripping sound beneath trees; the wet and earthy smells that even at 7:40 in the morning is invigorating, the cool breezes that toussle your hair and sometimes whip around corners trying to steal your umbrella. The only complaint was my own fault-- wet jeans are not very comfortable.

Taking a picture is a futile attempt to capture this experience, but it's the closest I'm ever going to get on this website. I know my camera doesn't take good shots of rain, so I waited until there were a few cars, to make it more obvious.

Speaking of which, heavy rain at night when you're driving on unfamiliar highways is not something I'd like to do again, but just driving in rain is a whole 'nother ballpark, so never mind.

September 7

We have a washer and dryer now! Someone's nice parents (or grandparents, I don't remember which) dontated this dryer to our house. I have yet to use it, but this means I don't have to do my laundry at a laundromat anymore.

If you didn't figure it out by the door on the front, this is the dryer.

September 2

I had another, straighter picture of this, but I thought the tilted one had something artistic about it. It looks taller and more foreboding that way.

In case you're wondering, this is be the tallest structure around. I walk past it every day to class. It's a smokestack, but I've never seen it in use. It is visible almost anywhere on campus, so it makes a good landmark. If you don't know where you are, you can look around, find the tall white smokestack, and figure it out. Maybe later I'll put a picture here of what it looks like from the distance.

September 1

This was the day I helped install a wire clothesline out behind a friend's apartment. As it was, he only had one line left of the original four (as you can see here).

The person in the photo is Jim, who graciously donated his old wire clothesline and did most of the installation.

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