*Includes: Pre-Employment Application Introduction Conditions of Employment General Policies and the Compensation Policy for Hourly Employees

Pre-Employment Application

RGIS complies iwth the Americans with Disabilities Act and with state laws concerning employment of the disabled. If you are covered by these laws and need accommodation in the application or interview process, please ask for assistance.

Part 1: Personal Information
Today's Date:
(Last, First, Middle)

(Number, Street, Apt. #, etc.)



The Social Security Number is integral to our payroll system, and is required of all RGIS employees.

Are you 18 years old or older?   Yes     No

Are you prevented from becoming lawfully employed in this country because of Immigration/Visa Status?
Yes     No (If you are hired, proof of citizenship or immigration status will be required.)

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?   Yes     No
If Yes, nature of offense:

Are there any felony charges pending against you?   Yes     No

Do you have access to reliable transportation?   Yes     No

Part 2: Availability

On the chart below, enter the times (within each of the periods indicated) that you are available to work for RGIS.
Period Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

How many hours per week, on the average, are you seeking with RGIS?

Part 3: Educational Background

Type of School Name & Location of School Years Completed Did you Graduate?
High School

Part 4: Employment History

Have you ever worked for RGIS before?   Yes     No
If Yes, when?
In which RGIS District or location?
Position Held:

Are you currently employed? Yes     No
Present employer's name:
Address (including City, State):
How long have you been employed by this company?
Please describe your job:

List your previous employers, beginning with the most recent.
Date (From/To) Employer (Name & Location) Position held (or brief job description)

Part 5: In Case of Emergency

Please provide the name, address, and telephone number of the person to notify IN CASE OF EMERGENCY:


Phone (including area code):


Part 5: Employee's Agreement


    RGIS was founded by Thomas J. NIcholson in 1958. Under his guidance, and that of his two sons, Bill and Ray, the company has grown from one office to more than 300; from a dozen or so employes to more than 35,000. We are now the largest inventory service in the nation. Operations are directed from our company headquarters in Rochester, Michigan, by Mike Nicholson, Chief Executive Officer and President.
    As a business, our primary function is to take physical inventories for various clients across the country and the American continents. These clients include, but are not limited to, grocery stores, department stores, hardware stores, book stores, men's/women's apparel shops, and specialty shops of all kinds.
    As an employer, we realize that our growth and our reputation of begin Number One in this field depend entirely on having the best employees possible. With that in mind, the following Conditions of Employment, General Policies, and Compensation Policy were developed. Together, these sections describe the obligations and rewards of being on of the best - an RGIS auditor.

Conditions of Employment

  1. FLEXIBILITY: You will need to be flexible; establishing a regular schedule of working hours with RGIS is nearly impossible. However, we will do our best to see that you receive your schedule every two weeks for the upcoming two week period.

  2. PUCTUALITY/ATTENDANCE: Tardiness and absenteeism are hardships on everyone. Failure to report to work on time disrupts the functioning of the team and thereby hurts the other employees as much as management. A responsible employee notifies his or her supervisor immediately of any conditions that will result in deviation from the work schedule. Tardiness or absenteeism may be grounds for dismissal.

  3. COMMUNICATION: To receive your assigned schedule, you will be required to contact your Team Leater, and there will be times when your Team Leader (or scheduler, or someone in the district office) will need to contact you. Therefore, please make sure we are aware of how you may be reached by telephone or other means.
    Important Note: If you do not contact your Team Leader (or other designated scheduler as instructed), RGIS will consider you to have voluntarily quit employment; further assignments may not be offered. In addition, if a claim for unemployment compensation benefits is filed, failure to contact RGIS for schedule assignments may effect your unemployment benefits eligibility.

  4. TRANSPORTATION: Due to the nature of our business, you will be asked to report to various inventory site within your area and/or meeting spots from which you will travel to out-of-area locations. Thus, you must have access to reliable transportation.

  5. ON THE JOB: All work performed by RGIS auditors is "on site" in stores and in other customer locations. The merchandise to be inventories will vary as to accessibility, size, height, weight, temperature and other factors. The duration of any inventory may be affected by unforseen circumstances.

  6. TRAINING PROGRAM: Prior to your first assignment, you will be given training in the fundamentals of RGIS procedures and equipment use. After working in the field for approximately 90 days or a minimum or 100 hours, you will be asked to return to this office for a comprehensive review of what you have learned.

General Policies

  1. DRESS CODE: All RGIS employees are expected to dress in a manner that is neat, clean, and professional. All auditors will be provided with RGIS shirts (or "tops") featuring the RGIS logo. These clothing items are designed to be worn as outerwear. All RGIS shirts must be worn tucked in at the waist at all times during inventories, from arrival to departure. This applies to men's shirts and women's shirts alike. In cooler climates, solid colored long-sleeved garments may be worn under the "RGIS top." Slacks/ Bottoms must be a solid color -- dark blue, gray, black, or tan/khaki. It is suggested that slacks be of a comfortable "wash and wear" fabric. Shoes: Auditors are to wear safe and comfortable footwear that provides good support and protection. This could include black athletic shoes that are in good repair and are clean. Other colors of athletic shoes are NOT acceptable. Not permitted for any auditor: Denim of ANY color; open toed shoes; sweat pants or spandex; shorts. Not permitted for male auditors: Hair longer than collar length; ponytails; earrings or other visible body piercing jewelry. Not permitted for female auditors: Visible body piercing jewelry other than the traditional earrings. Exceptions may be made to this policy during inventories of large, home-improvement type stores. District management will notify the auditors when these exceptions may be made. If your religious beliefs forbid compliance with any portion of this policy, we ask that you discuss the matter with your Area or District Manager (who will, in turn, review your concerns with the RGIS Headquarters Personnel Dept.).

  2. SAFETY: It is the objective of RGIS to conduct all operations as safely and as efficiently as possible. Common rules of safety should be observed at all times. In company vehicles, employees are required to use their seat belts. Seat belt usage is strongly recommended in private vehicles.

  3. ACCURACY: The job of an RGIS auditor is to provide an accurate count of each item inventoried. Estimating is forbidden unless authorized by the client and approved by RGIS supervision. Unauthorized estimating is grounds for termination.

  4. CONFIDENTIALITY: Any information pertaining to store operations, store conditions, or amount of inventory is considered CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR DISCLOSURE.

  5. FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS: Courtesy towards store personnel and fellow employees is expected and required; however, you are to ACCEPT INSTRUCTIONS ONLY FROM RGIS SUPERVISION. Further, if a store employee asks you to do something (or tells you something) which conflicts iwth RGIS policy, you must report this to your supervisor immediately.

  6. PURCHASES: No purshases should be made in the store during an inventory. If it is absolutely imperative that you make a purchase, notify your supervisor no matter how insignificant the purchase may seem to you.

  7. HARASSMENT, including SEXUAL HARASSMENT: It is our goal at RGIS to provide a work environment free from harassment of any kind. Harassment is behavior that is offensive or not welcomed. However, it is not RGIS's responsibility to mediate disagreements between employees. Where unlawful behavior is not implicated, it is each individual employee's reponsibility to ensure that his or her interaction with other employees is in keeping with proper business decorum. REPORT HARASSMENT: If you believe you may have been unlawfully harassed, or if you witness or learn about harassment of another, you should immediately inform your supervisor or the manager at District or Division level. You may also report the matter in writing (Attention: Personnel Department, RGIS Inventory Specialists, 805 Oakwood, Rochester, MI 48307-1359) or by telephone at (248) 651-2511.

  8. DRUG FREE WORKPLACE: RGIS prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possesion, or use of a controlled substance or alcohol while at any workplace. Failure to abide by this policy will result in disciplinary actions which may include termination.

  9. THEFT: If you engage in theft, regardless of what the item may be (a beverage, gum, cookies, anything), you will be terminated immediately. RGIS will also assist in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

  10. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: It is against policy for any RGIS employee to work for another inventory service while employed by RGIS.

  11. TERMINATION: (A) Should you desire to leave our employ after assignment as a regular team member, we request at least two weeks notice so that a replacement can be hired and trained to a reasnable degree of competency. (B) Employment with RGIS is for an indefinite term; it is reminable at any time by either the employee or employer. No employee or representative has the power to commit RGIS otherwise. (C) Nothing in this package (including successful completion of the review described under the Conditions of Employment as "Training Program") shall be deemd to establish the employment of any person on a basis other than terminable at the will or either the employee or employer. No oral statements otherwise shall be binding on RGIS.

Compensation Policy for Hourly Employees

  1. HOURLY WAGE: Your starting salary as an RGIS auditor will be $_______ per hour. After working in the field for approximately 90 days or a minimum of 100 hours, you will be asked to return to this office for a comprehensive review of what you have learned. Successful completion of this review will result in 25-cent per hour salary increase. The review includes demonstration of your knowledge and ability as an RGIS auditor. Additional raises are based on merit. Reviews may be conducted annually or semi-annually.

  2. TRAINING PAY: Unless otherwise indicated by your supervisor, all training is paid at a rate of $1.00 LESS per hour than the regular starting hourly wage for auditors working for this RGIS district office. (In cases where an auditor's actual staring wage is higher than the district's regular starting wage, training pay will remain $1.00 less per hour than the regular starting rate.)

  3. OVERTIME: Overtime is paid in accordance with Federal and State laws.

  4. TRAVEL PAY: When riding in a company vehicle or company-designated vehicle from a district-designated meeting site to a "travel" store, you will be compensated for the round trip miles traveled MINUS 20 miles. The current travel rate in this district is $_____ per mile. Travel Pay is not paid if: (1) The distance to an inventory is 20 miles or less, (2) there is no district-designated and approved Meet, or (3) you choose not to meet at a district-designated and approved Meet site, but travel to the inventory seperately.

  5. MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT: Reimbursement for the use of your private vehicle on approved company business will be paid at a rate based on the current average price per mile of operating a vehicle. This amount covers the average expense for maitenance, insurance, etc., as well as the cost of gasoline.

  6. PER DIEM: Approved per diem supplemental reimbursements will apply when traveling overnight on company business.

  7. PAY SCHEDULE: In most locations, RGIS auditors' pay periods last for two weeks, ending every other Friday.
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