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Do You Need More Positive Energy in Your Life?

At times I feel that I am full of spiritual hugs with nobody to receive them because of the full lives we all lead in this day and age.

I hope to pass on tidbits of information that can be used by others with positive blessings.

I find myself in situations of helping people when I am selling my "spiritual " artwork that currently takes the "shape" of jewelry. I take part in First Nations events, powwows, conferences, school "First Nations days "

Through the Internet, I hope that those in need of positive energy come back to this site often for positive re-enforcement and support.

If you also have something positive to pass on, send it to me and I'll try to get it on the page too. Maybe this can encourage you to share things that work for you with us... Hi-chka means thank-you, in the Salishan dialect of Halkomelem.

Ama Kawku....means good sagebrush

Did something bring you here? IS THERE SOMETHING HERE FOR YOU? ..

  • When I see people searching and searching for the perfect partner and wasting good time that can be well spent on the learning and growing experience that could be reached by a long standing relationship experience with one soul mate only. I am in awe of the sight of my mate's transformation in every stage of their human life! And in turn I shine and "try all the harder" in their golden light of appreciation and yielding acceptance of my natural growth.
  • I believe if something is extremely difficult, unfamiliar, awkward, hard to learn or comprehend, then you are probably on the track of human "growth and understanding". If it is easy?...... it is more likely a way to make yourself appear to be smarter than or better than most and hope to receive praise and kudos without experiencing much pain or discomfort. But if you struggle and work yourself into a sweat trying hard to achieve harmony, then even without the completion, success can be celebrated in the baby step it took to reach your own spiritual growth within a relationship.
  • Things really changed in my life when I learned to picture my mate in different stages of their life. I tried to "SEE" the child speak when I knew they were dealing with childhood issues; or the teenager who wanted adventure and independence; or the baby who needed physical soothing and comforting. This in turn taught me about MY "many ages" that I carry within me wherever I go in life. If I had children it probably would apply to them too, but I try to see it in my relationships with friends and family. To me, even elders can go through baby-like or teenage-like stages of their lives that are like extra chances to re-live that age and to "grow" by succeeding in something of that "time". Your Mother can be LIKE your childhood "girlfriend/playmate", that you once played "kid" games with and now enjoy the gleefulness of being "a kid again", or even experience mischief together! Also our Grandparents can benefit from baby cradling when they reach the need for physical affection and the comfort of touch.
  • I am a great granddaughter of a Coast Salish Medicine man if that maybe explains some of my healing gifts. During art shows, when I am at my craft booth, I feel that I bring people a sort of comfort and healing with our encounter and speaking together. Even when I reach out with a smile I see the appreciation in the faces of the tired, worried, or stressed.


    A good first step is to smell the sacred burning plants. It is a great aromatherapy and sagebrush and sage can cleanse the air in an anti-bacterial way too. The elders use to throw it on the wood stove after there were sick people in the house. Symbolically it is meant to clean the path for the positive energies to come.


    The first step can be the hardest in any endeavor, why not start with a very simple, precious ceremony like "smudging"? I've asked my elders and found out that it is a big responsibility to provide sacred smudging herbs for people of the world. It is a continuation of the story telling passed on from our ancestors long ago to the present day.

    How we use these smudging plants...

    • To CLEANSE our home of negative energy before or after a gathering.
    • Burn during ceremonies or meditation, to bring in the GOOD SPIRITS.
    • It can bring Peace between arguers. A good bonding ritual between couples.
    • It a great wedding, new baby, house warming, funeral, or sweatlodge ceremonial Gift!
    • To leave as a good offering in place of a feather, stone, or plant etc., you might find.
    • To freshen a room or drawers when it's not burned. It smells great as is!

    Our price list & printable order form

    Please print / fill / mail / with a U.S. Money order.

    The directions...

    ~ Ama article about smudging

    Last updated April 9, 2001

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