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WW2 Scenarios

Achtung! New scneario!! Achtung!

All scenarios on this page were made by me unless other wise noted, and are virus free. Right now there are 4.

The War in Africa Comes to a Close
This is my first scenario to make it out of the beta only stage, and is for West Front Battle Pack 1. In it, you command elements of the American II Corps and British 8th Army as you fight to take Tunis. Any feedback is appreciated.

Midway 1943 NEW!!!
Here is my hypotherical scenario where American GIs and Marines storm Midway Island to retake it. Seems easy at first, but is challenging.

Italian LCG NEW NEW! My first West Front Campaign! Command an Italian Medium Tank Battalion equipped with M13/40 medium tanks, trying to stem the British offensive at Sidi Barrani. Enjoy!

Panzer General Equipment File v1.2
My equipment file for the smash hit Panzer General 2. It adds very many more units, including captured units and some of Rommel's "Funnies", common to the Afrika Korps. Enjoy!