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Orange Sky, the experience.


  Name: Nigel Rojas - vocals, lead guitar

    Nigel Rojas, singer, song-writer, lead guitarist. Born in 1971 in  Trinidad. Started playing guitar and writing at the age of fifteen.  Inspired by Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Yes, Doors, and the Mighty  Shadow to name a few of the great musical spirits.
  Orange Peel Groove came together in 1992, Nigel proving to be a prolific song-writer and multi-faceted musician, cabale of switching from bass player delivering a hard core bass line, to lead guitarist with a high energy style incorporating classical, reggae and rock in his unique fusion. 

  Nigel went on to play with band Jaundis "I" as their bass player and song writer, delivering a fusion of Caribbean sounds. They recorded a C.D. between Caribbean Sound Basin and Eddie Grant's Ice Records in Barbados.
  Nigel's musical progression drove him on to form Orange Sky, whose music is best described as "Sound Painting." The music, while highly melodic, is driven at times by an amazing high energy that can carry you through variations and movements of moods and tempo.
  Rojas says his music is a channel for expression of his feelings. He believes in one love, one vibe, one movement towards peace and liberation. The music is organic real music, God's music.