Neon Genesis Evangelion Animated Gif's

Scenes from the end of the last episode:

Asuka telling Shinji to get up.
Asuka yelling at Shinji.
Shinji faces the wrath of Asuka
Shinji happily running.
Asuka running, glaring at Shinji beside her.
Rei's breakfast.
Rei running very fast.
Shinji turns the corner...
Shinji's head hurts.
Rei is embarassed.
Shinji stares.
Rei is off again.
Asuka looks disgusted.
Shinji looks... weird.
Touji is a bit disturbed :)
Ooh, the wrath of Hikari.
Shinji, Asuka and Kensuke's reactions.
Misato's car driving along at its usual breakneck speed.
Misato pulls into the parking lot.
Heeeere's Misato!
And the sunglasses come off!
Different people react to Misato's appearance differently.


Asuka being self-assured.
Asuka flicking Shinji in the face.
Asuka drinks some soda pop.
Asuka leaves a message on Kaji's answering machine.
Asuka eating a sandwich.
Asuka talking about Kaji.
Heeere's Asuka!
Asuka gets mad.
Asuka gets mad (yet again).
Asuka and Shinji
Asuka holding up a disk and looking angry.
Asuka and Shinji brushing their teeth.
A caricature of Asuka sends a punch.
Asuka holding a stuffed toy, talking and winking.
Asuka clapping her hands.
Kaworu, winking, with his arms around Asuka, who is talking.

Chibi Asuka:

Running in a dress.
Running in a gym uniform.
Running in a soccer uniform.
A cute little Asuka, blinking.


Rei in bandages.
Rei in pain.
Rei opens and closes a door.
Rei talks to Shinji in the hospital.
Rei looks at Gendo in surprise.
Rei is in pain yet again.


Misato yawns... big time.
Misato yells at Shinji (probably for making her spill her beer).
Misato saves Shinji's life.
Misato has a little drinkie.


Hikari shakes her head at the sight of Shinji and Asuka.
Hikari ranting and raving.
Clip from the OP
Another Clip from the OP: Shinji and Unit 01