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Margaret  HIGGINS

Elijah was born about 1793 to Archibald ARMSTRONG and Ruth TEMPLETON in Iredell County, NC. Elijah died between 1860-1870 believed in Wise County, TX. No marriage record for Archibald and Ruth is found.

Ruth married James MILLIGAN, Sr. about 1794 believed in Iredell County, NC. Ruth and James moved their family to Wilson County, TN about 1811. James died 1828 Wilson County, TN. Ruth moved to Missouri with some of her children. She died after 7 December 1847.

Margaret "Peggy" HIGGINS was born 8 November 1794 in Virginia to John HIGGINS, Sr. and Mary ?. Margaret died between 1860-1870 believed in Wise County, TX. Margaret was one of 11 children. John was born about June 1758 in Fauquier County, VA and died 11 April 1838 in Cannon County, TN. Mary was born about 1767 and died about 1846 Cannon County, TN. John and Mary married 22 dec 1781 Fauquier County, VA.

These are the known children:

i. Manerva ARMSTRONG born about 1814 Wilson County, TN. She married John Jessie OWENS 10 June 1828 Wilson County, TN. John was born about 1807 in VA. Known children: Martha, Mahulda, James R., Margaret, Lucinda, William B., Sarah A., Manerva, Rebecca, and Malinda C.

ii. John R. ARMSTRONG born about 1818 Wilson County, TN; died after 1887 believed in Jack County, TX.

iii. Ruth ARMSTRONG born about 1821 Wilson County, TN. She married Joseph STONE 22 December 1836 Clinton County, MO. She died 1879 Garden twp, Cherokee County, KS.  Joseph was killed by Quantrell's Guerrillas in 1864. They had 8 children: James, Caroline, Elijah, Mary Jane, Joseph, Martha, Amanda, and John W.

iv. Polly Ann ARMSTRONG born about 1822

v. James W. ARMSTRONG born about 1825 Wilson County, TN. He married Martha Ann HIGGINS before 1850. James was killed by bushwackers about 1863 before son, Robert Lincoln, was born.  Martha is believed to be sister to Wesley HIGGINS, husband of Sarah, James' sister. Martha was born about 1834 TN and died after 1890. 6 known children: Mary A., John Andrew, Margaret A., James B., William K., and Robert Lincoln.

vi. Margaret ARMSTRONG born about 1828 Wilson County, TN. She married Elijah COFFEY 8 August 1842 Daviess County, MO. Elijah born about 1817 KY.
Known children: Ezekiel M., Mary E., James B., Frank H., John M., Martha A., and Lillian A.

vii. Sarah Elizabeth ARMSTRONG born about 1830 Wilson County, TN and died 1906 Holdenville, OK. She married Wesley (Westley) HIGGINS 8 Feb 1846 Daviess County, MO. He was born about 1826 TN and died May 1885.
Known children: Logan E., Marcus D. Lafayette, Mary, Sarah, Elijah Plez, Robert L., Wesley Harris, Della, and William Alvie.

viii Barton W. ARMSTRONG born about 1832 MO and died after 1890. He married Martha Ann HIGGINS ARMSTRONG, widow of brother, James. about 1867-1868.
Their children:  Laura B., Tom, and Grant.

ix. Elijah ARMSTRONG, Jr. born about 1834 MO, and died about 1865. He married Charity WOMACK 1858 Wise County, TX. Charity born 2 January 1837 Washington County, AR.
Their children:  John Wesley, Nancy A., William A., and Margaret Elizabeth.

x. Andrew Jackson ARMSTRONG born about 1837 MO and died after 1863 believed in Denton County, TX. He married Mary Elizabeth HOPKINS about 1855 Wise County, TX. Mary born about 1836 MO and died December 1912 Sherman, Grayson, TX. Their children: Minerva Ann, Margaret Ellen, Joseph Henry, and Isabella.

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