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Please, No More "Make Money Fast"

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To the person who tried to steal my password


My name is Carl Winslow. I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Why might you care? Well, if you are an e-mail or Usenet user, you've almost certainly seen the following paragraph in an unsolicited e-mail or "spammed" Usenet posting:

This is the only realistic money-making offer I've ever received. I participated because this plan truly makes sense. I was surprised when the $5.00 bills started filling my mail box. By the time it tapered off I had received over 8,000 orders with over $40,000 in cash. Dozens of people have sent warm personal notes too, sharing the news of their good fortunes! It's been WONDERFUL.

Carl Winslow Tulsa, OK

You will probably recognize the above paragraph as one of the "testimonials" in several versions of the many "money making opportunities" constantly circulating on the Internet these days. Generically, these schemes are called "Make Money Fast", as an early variation used that text as subject line to attract participants.

First, I want to make one thing absolutely clear:

I'm not that Carl Winslow!

There may be another Carl Winslow of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who wrote that "testimonial", but it was not me! In fact, the "Carl Winslow" of these "testimonials" is probably a reference to a fictional character.

"Make Money Fast" (often abbreviated MMF) schemes are nothing more than the classic chain-letter pyramid scheme given new electronic life on the Internet. Make no mistake, these schemes are illegal! Federal law in the United States, the laws of all 50 of the United States, and the laws of most countries outlaw these pyramid schemes as illegal lotteries. In the United States, the penalties include fines, imprisonment, and possible civil liability.

Even if MMF schemes were legal, they are a notoriously bad investment. If any money is made at all, it is made strictly by the people at the very top of the pyramid. In fact, for all participants to make the amount of money claimed, often in excess of $50,000 US, it would require the participation of more than the total number of people on earth.

Follow some of the links I have included below for more information about "Make Money Fast" schemes:

Information about Tulsa and Oklahoma (For example, did you know that not one frame of the classic 1940 film The Grapes of Wrath was shot in Oklahoma? Oklahoma looked too nice.):

The author is delighted that people have come through here, already. Thanks!


If you are looking to sign my guestbook, you are too late. I had warned posters before about putting in ads for "Get paid to surf", and the like, but no one paid any heed. Now, someone has finally posted a lengthy MMF in my guestbook. I don't have time to police this guestbook every day, so instead I'm shutting it down. For those of you who may have enjoyed using my guestbook, I apologize. For those of you who had been abusing my guestbook, take your tripe somewhere else!

-- Carl

P.S. I'm not this Carl Winslow, either.

"Go ahead, make Steve Urkel's day."

Opposing pro-spam legislation
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