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Ghostly Gazebo
Our Gazebo
Photo taken 2 weeks after gazebo was built.
Photo Copyright 2002

   Our problems began when we decided to move the hot tub. It was taking up too much space on the patio and it lacked the privacy we desired.   Building a gazebo as an enclosure seemed the perfect solution, little did we know then what danger lay ahead.

   Constructing the gazebo took longer than we had expected, little things kept going wrong.  But at last it was finished,we had put used brick halfway up and lattice panels which extended to the top of the ceiling, the ceiling fan was hung and the hot tub was moved into it's new location.  The whole family loved it and for several weeks we used it night plus we loved the semi-privacy of the gazebo.

  Then one night I went out to get in the tub and heard a very faint buzz, running my hand across the water I received a slight charge.  The water was electrified.  That is not supposed to happen!  The repairman said it was the ground fault adapter and replaced it.

  After that we replaced the adapter numerous times, we even completely rewired the gazebo thinking that may have been part of the problem.  It was at some point during this time that we noticed a strange mist or fog that appeared in and around the gazebo.  Again we thought it was just something else wrong with the tub.  We decided that the hot tub was too dangerous, being electrocuted was not a chance we were willing to take.  We never knew when something might go wrong and we didn't want to be in the tub when it did.

   A friend took the tub to dispose of it, we didn't want to use something that was a potential hazard.   We thought with the hot tub gone everything would be back to normal - wrong!  The strange mist still appears usually late at night and is too dim to be properly photographed although I am still trying.

   Paranormal?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  There is a natural underground spring nearby and in combination with minerals in the soil that may be what is producing this effect.  As for the hot tub - maybe we just bought a lemon.

Ghost on video surveillance camera?
This really happened - August 2002. Oklahoma City, OK.

  Employees at Puckett's wrecker service in Oklahoma City said they had been visited by a luminous phantom and had evidence to support their assertion - video footage of the ghost, captured by the firm's CCTV security camera. When a security man was sent out to investigate the image on the CCTV screen he could see nothing - whatever it was had disappeared.

  Kathy Henley saw the image when she was working late one night. She says it has made a believer out of her. "I ain't never seen nothing like that, it was just really wicked," Henley said. "It was just circling over cars, it looked like it was looking into cars, like it was looking for something."

  Most people who have watched the video say it looks like a woman in overalls. Their theory is that the ghost is that of a woman involved in an terrible accident in which she lost her life. Her wrecked truck was moved to Puckett's yard just hours before the image was caught on tape. Tulsa televison stations showed the video footage and I have to admit it certainly looked spooky because I was able to see through the image. Investigators did not prove it was a hoax. Who knows? And what was she looking for?

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Photo Copyright 2004

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