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Fun Stuff & Other Things
In other words - ways to waste time.


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Which Day of The Week Were You Born?
Numeric Month (1-12):

Day of Month (1-31):

Year (eg. 1980):

Birth Date:

Day of the Week:

Days Of The Week
An old nursery rhyme.
Monday's Child is fair of face;
Tuesdays' Child is full of grace;
Wednesday's Child is full of woe;
Thursdays' Child has far to go;
Friday's Child is loving and giving;
Saturday's Child works hard for a living.
But the Child born on the Sabbath Day
is blithe, and bonny, good and gay.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chinese Zodiac
Want to know your birthpet?

According to Chinese customs to indicate the year,
every twelve years can be named respectively by
twelve kinds of animals, such that everyone has
a birthpet which indicates the year he was born.

Want to see which pet belongs to you?
Please enter your birthyear - for example "1975".
This is your birthpet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Think you are psychic?
Take this card test and find out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

red heart

A Love Calculator
It's fun -- try it.


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