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For 50 Years!
New Joy Community Church
of Bellflower, California USA
Member of Conserative Baptist Association of America of Southern California
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our 50th Anniversary Service
To encourage people to seek God, to mature in His Word, and to be equipped for His service through Fellowship, Discipleship, Worship, Ministry, and Evangelism.

To all former Calvary Bible Church, Bellflower Baptist Church and New Joy Community Church members and friends, Thank you for those who helped us Celebrate 50 Years of New Joy!

US FlagNew Joy Community Church!US Flag
Remembers 9/11
Its been a Year since our Our Country has faced one of the worse tradegys since Pearl Harbor, Let us remember Those who died on Spetember 11th 2001 and Continue to Pray for this Great Nation! Please Pray:

1. For our Nation as we remember what happened last year on September 11th 2. For many of our Nation to turn to God and not turn from Him
3.Continue to Pray for the grieving families in New York and Washington
A For the Children who lost a Mother or Father
B. For the Parents who lost a Child
C. For the Families of the Firemen who lost their Husband or Father
D. For the Families of the Policemen who lost their Husband or Father
E. For the Pilots, Stewardess's, Steward's, and Passengers on those i'll fated planes

For our President George W. Bush, His Cabinet, For Congress and our Military
For our Police, Sheriffs, Fire Departments, Marshals, FBI Agents, Secret Service
For our Enemies
For People to see how fragile and uncertain life is and turn to God for salvtion
For God to bring something good out of the ashes of sorrow & grief
For Christians to commit to praying for our goverment on a regular basis
For God to bring healing instead of hatred
For this Nation to turn to God in prayer, not to evil
For our Nation to turn to God seeking justice and not to the flesh seeking Revenge

Pray for Our President, and our Military and our Country for The War with Iraq

Our Pastor!
Pastor Richard Horne at his Desk

Laura Lee and Pastor Richard Horne
Laura Lee and Pastor Richard Horne

Associate Pastor Stephen and Jenny
R to L: Associate Pastor Stephen Downes and his Fiancee Jenny Duthie
Crossroads Ministries Jr./Sr. High

Where we are Located!"
Current Events at New Joy as of December 20th, 2001
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New Joy Community Church!
Contact us at:
17456 Downey Ave
Bellflower, Ca 90706-6310
(562) 634-2910

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Praise the Lord!!!
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