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Albert's Filmography


Billy the Kid (Mr. Maxwell)
Breaking In (Johnny Scot)

Jesse (Sheriff Bill)

Dress Gray (Sgt. Oliphant)
Born American/aka Arctic Heat/aka Jäätävä polte (U.S. Emissary Drane)

Hard to Hold (Johnny Lawson)
Best Kept Secrets (Ed Dietz)
Fatal Vision (Judge Dupree)

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can (Ben Martin)
Love Child (Captain Ellis)
Superstition/aka The Witch (Inspector Sturgess)
Thou Shalt Not Kill (Hugh Grover)

Dragonslayer (Greil)
Guns and Fury (Col. Liakhov)
St. Helens/aka St. Helens, Killer Volcano
Burned at the Stake/aka The Coming (Capt. Billingham)

Brubaker (Rory Poke)
Steel/aka Look Down and Die/aka Men of Steel (Tank)
Caddyshack (Mr. Noonan)
Cloud Dancer (Ozzie Randolph)
Cuba Crossing/aka Assignment: Kill Castro/aka Key West Crossing/aka The Mercenaries/aka Sweet Dirty Tony/aka Sweet Violent Tony (Delgato)
The Great Cash Giveaway Getaway/aka The Magnificent Hustle (Hicks)
Portrait of a Rebel: The Remarkable Mrs. Sanger/aka Portrait of a Rebel: Margaret Sanger (Haywood)

Love and Bullets (Andy Minton)
Undercover with the KKK/aka The Freedom Riders/aka My Uncercover Years with the KKK (Lester Mitchell)

Sweet Creek County War (George Breakworth)

Empire of the Ants (Sheriff Art Kincade)
Black Oak Conspiracy (Sheriff Otis Grimes)
Moonshine County Express/aka Shine (Sheriff Larkin)
Viva Knievel!/aka Seconds to Live (Cortland)

The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder (Splint)
A Place Without Parents
The Legend of Earl Durand (Jack McQueen)
Night Games (Pete Toley)
The Take (Dolek)

Moving Target

Female Artillery (Frank Taggert)
The Manhunter (Rafe Augustine)

Escape from the Planet of the Apes (E-1)
Lawman (Harvey Stenbaugh)
something big (Jonny Cobb)
The Deserter/aka La Spina dorsale del diavolo/aka Djavolja kicma/aka Ride to Glory (Schmidt)

Three Guns for Texas (Cletus Grogan)

The Flim Flam Man/aka One Born Every Minute (Deputy Meshaw)
Hour of the Gun (Octavius Roy)
Meanest Men in the West (Quinn)
The Ambushers (Jose Ortega)

The Outrage/aka Judgment in the Sun (Sheriff)

The Unforgiven (Charlie Rawlins)
Wild River (Hank Bailey)

The Bravados (Ed Taylor)
The Brothers Karamazov/aka The Murderer Dmitri Karamazov (Smerdjakov)


1978....Greatest Heroes of the Bible (mini-series) (Har-Gatep)
1977....Harold Robbins' 79 Park Avenue (mini-series)
1976....Once an Eagle (mini-series)
1974-6....Petrocelli (Pete Ritter)
1964-5....Daniel Boone (Carolina E. Yadkin)


B-Men - Unsold pilot (J. B. Slater)
Mission: Impossible - "The Fuhrer's Children" (Richard Kester)
The Young Riders - "Speak No Evil" (Bart Nickerson)

Knots Landing - "To Sing His Praise" (Jonathan Rush)
Murder, She Wrote - "Murder Takes a Bus" (Joe Downing)

Knots Landing - "Love to Take You Home" (Jonathan Rush)
Trapper John, MD - "Double Bubble" (William Thurman Wilson)

Scarecrow & Mrs. King - "The Long Christmas Eve" (Ted Rudolph)
Hart to Hart - "Highland Fling" (Col. Mac Bridger)
Knight Rider - "Custom K.I.T.T." (Buck Rayburn)
The A-Team - "Diamonds 'n Dust" (Jonathan Fletcher)
Small and Frye - "The Case of the Concerned Husband" (Scar Tongue Malone)
Ace Crawford, Private Eye - ep 3/29/83
Simon & Simon - "The Secret of the Chrome Eagle" (Sgt. Donegan)
Bring 'Em Back Alive - "The Shadow Women of Chung Tai"
Simon & Simon - "The Club Murder Vacation"
Dallas - "Crash of '83" (Gil Thurman)

St. Elsewhere - "Legionnaires: Part I"
Dallas - "The Ewing Touch" (Gil Thurman)
Dallas - "Fringe Benefits" (Gil Thurman)
The Fall Guy - "Guess Who's Coming to Town" (Sheriff Baker)

The Golden Age of Television - "Bang the Drum Slowly" (rebroadcast, with present-day interviews)(himself)

The Yeagers - ep 6/8/80

B.J. and the Bear - "Shine On" (Orville Rucker)

James at Sixteen - ep 2/9/78 (Uncle Chester)

Police Story - "The Six-Foot Stretch" (Lt. Keasby)
McNamara's Band - second pilot 12/5/77 (Jovan)
Future Cop - "The Mad, Mad Bomber", Parts 1 and 2 (Chief Ross Wheeler)
Baretta - "The Runaways" (Carl Kruegar)
Insight - "Leroy"

Tattletales - (himself) with wife Roberta
Ellery Queen - "The Adventure of the Tyrant of Tin Pan Alley" (Herbie Morrow)
Run, Joe, Run - ep 1/17/76

Theatre in America - "Who's Happy Now?" (Horse)

Kung Fu - "Cry of the Night Beast" (Branch)
Police Story - "A Dangerous Age" (Harry)
Hec Ramsey - "Scar Tissue"
Toma - "A Funeral for Max Berlin"

Ironside - "The Double-Edged Corner"
Barnaby Jones - "The Deadly Prize" (Vince Bucola)
Hollywood Television Theatre (PBS) - "Winesburg, Ohio"
The Streets of San Francisco - "House on Hyde St." (Joe Rudolph)
Love, American Style - "Love and the Vertical Romance" (Victor)
Kung Fu - "Nine Lives" (Shawn)
McMillan and Wife - "Killer, Killer, Who's the Real Killer?"/"No Hearts, No Flowers" (Joe Marley)
Ironside - "Ollinger's Last Case" (Bill Eaton)

The F.B.I. - "Canyon of No Return" (Clifton Taggot)
Bonanza - "Ambush at Rio Lobo" (Stretch)
Love, American Style - ep 10/6/72
Bonanza - "Search in Limbo" (sheriff)
Night Gallery - "The Waiting Room" (Joe Bristol)
Kung Fu - series pilot (Raif)

The F.B.I. - "Three-Way Split" (Roy Mills/John Michaels)
The Name of the Game - "Showdown" (Luke)
High Chaparral - "A Man to Match the Land" (White Horse/Pat Morrison)

Hollywood Television Theatre - "The Andersonville Trial" (Sgt. James S. Gray)
Gunsmoke - "Sergeant Holly" (Willis Jeeter)
Hawaii Five-O - "The Payoff" (Vince Ryan)
San Francisco International Airport - "The High Cost of Nightmares"
The Interns - ep 10/9/70 (Lt. Osland)
McCloud - "The Concrete Corral"/"Murder Arena" (Goose)
Land of the Giants - "Graveyard of Fools" (Melzac/Bryk)
World of Disney - "Menace on the Mountain", Parts 1 and 2 (Poss Timmerlake)

That Girl - "Great Guy" (George)
Judd for the Defense - "What Can You Do With Money?" (Malcolm Iverson)
Bonanza - "The Thirteenth Man" (Marcus Alley)
The Virginian - "The Death Wagon" (Corp. Smoot)
Gentle Ben - "'Gator Man" (Mike Maddox)

The Big Valley - "The Buffalo Man" (Birch)
Cimarron Strip - "The Last Wolf" (Sam Gallatin)
Custer - "Dangerous Prey" (Col. John Mark Charrington)
Gentle Ben - "Knight of the Road" (Hobo Jim)
The Road West - "Elizabeth's Odyssey"
Gunsmoke - "Mistaken Identity" (Ed Carstairs)
Lost in Space - "Treasure of the Lost Planet" (Capt. Alonzo P. Tucker)

12 O'Clock High - "The Pariah" (Maj. Brunner)
T.H.E. Cat - "Brotherhood" (Cantorte)
Jericho - "Have Traitor, Will Travel" (Pia)
The Monroes - "Wild Dog of the Tetons" (Hasner)
The F.B.I. - "The Plunderers" ("Cowboy" Eddie Richards)
The Legend of Jesse James - "The Lonely Place"
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - "Dead Man's Doubloons" (Capt. Alfred Brent)
The Big Valley - "Under a Dark Star" (Keeno Nash)
Lost in Space - "The Sky Pirate" (Capt. Alonzo P. Tucker)
Gunsmoke - "Death Watch" (Holly)
A Man Called Shenandoah - "The Accused"

Laredo - "Jinx" (Cletus, the Jinx)
I Spy - "Weight of the World" (Dr. Chulock)
The Virginian - "A Little Learning" (Rafe Simmons)

Profiles in Courage - "The Mary S. McDowell Story" (Mr. Schneider)
Destry - "The Nicest Girl in Gomorrah" (Ed Bender)
The Fugitive - "Angels Travel on Lonely Roads", Parts 1 and 2 (Chuck)

Route 66 - "93% in Smiling" (Aaron Kronberg)
Redigo - "Man in a Blackout" (Ward Bennett)
The Virginian - "Brother Thaddeus" (Brother Thaddeus/Willie Cain)
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters - "The Day of the First Suitor" (Frank Turner)
Route 66 - "But Who Will Cheer My Bonny Bride?" (Charlie)
Twilight Zone - "Of Late, I Think of Cliffordville" (William Feathersmith)
Rawhide - "Incident of the Pale Rider" (John and Jim Day/Rivers)
Alfred Hitchcock Theatre - "I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury" (Theodore Bond)
Grand Slam - unsold pilot

The Defenders - "The Apostle"
Stoney Burke - "The Wanderer" (Larry Dodson)
Combat! - "Cat and Mouse" (Sgt. Jenkins)
The Virginian - "It Tolls for Thee" (Quinn)
The Eleventh Hour - "Angie, You Made My Heart Stop"
Saints and Sinners - "Three Columns of Anger" (Paul Manzak)
Wagon Train - "The Frank Carter Story"
Route 66 - "A Long Piece of Mischief" (Ollie Crump)

The Twilight Zone - "A Quality of Mercy" (Sgt. Causarano)
The Investigators - "Panic Wagon"
Tales of Wells Fargo - "Jeremiah"
The Untouchables - "Power Play" (Steve "Country Boy" Parrish)
Wagon Train - "Wagon to Fort Anderson"
Play of the Week - "That Old Foolishness" (Peter Sheeran)
Naked City - "Button in the Haystack" (Len Baker) with wife Peggy Ann Garner

Have Gun Will Travel - "Vernon Good"/"The Sanctuary" (Father Montalvo)
Rawhide - "Incident of the Captive" (Vince Lohman)
Bonanza - "Silent Thunder" (Albie)
Hotel de Paree - "Sundance and the Delayed Gun"
Alcoa Presents One Step Beyond - "The Peter Hurkos Story", Parts 1 & 2 (Peter Hurkos)
The Twilight Zone - "Execution" (Joe Caswell)

Adventures in Paradise - "Somewhere South of Suva" (Paul LcBlanc)
G. E. Theatre - "The Family Man" (Billy Ashbold)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - "The Jokester" (Mr. Bradley)
Climax - "The Volcano Seat" (Lt. Nichols)
Westinghouse Studio One - "Man Under Glass" (Lenny Shank) with wife Peggy Ann Garner

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - "The Dangerous People" (Jones)
The United States Steel Hour - "The Hill Wife"(Joel Shay)
Kraft Theatre - "Most Blessed Woman" (Putnam Cox)

The U. S. Steel Hour - "Survival" (Holmes)
The U. S. Steel Hour - "Noon on Doomsday" (John Kaltell)
The U. S. Steel Hour - "Bang the Drum Slowly" (Bruce Pearson)
Studio One - "The Open Door" (Skeets Chase)

Danger - "The Little Woman"


1975 - "Who's Happy Now?" (Los Angeles)
1968 - "The Price" (Broadway and London)
1966 - "Anna Christie" (Los Angeles)
1961 - "Once There Was a Russian" (Broadway, DC & Delaware)
1959 - "The Failures" (Off-Broadway)
1958 - "Howie" (Broadway)
1956 - "The Good Woman of Setzuan" (Off-Broadway)
1955 - "Bus Stop" (Broadway, then national tour)
1954 - "The Rainmaker" (Broadway)
1953 - "End as a Man" (Off-Broadway, then Broadway)
1953 - "Day of Grace" (Westport Stock)
1953 - "The Scarecrow" (Off-Broadway)
???? - "Harvey" (The Catskills)
1950 - "Squaring the Circle"
1949 - "The Male Animal" (Maine Summer Stock)
1949 - "The Burning Bush" (Dramatic Workshop theatre, New York)

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