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REVIEW: MAC: "SHELL SHOCKED": Now this shit suprised me. This is a very solid CD, by a newcomer in the No Limit Family. The CD starts off on a good note with Mac and Mia X in "Boss Bitch", which as a VERY tight beat. Also Be All You Can Be is very solid, but it is kinda slow. Soldier Party is also really nice. Basically every song on here is bumpin' except for Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill... man I can't stand this. Tank Dogs is also kinda low-budget. Wooo is very annoying. Everything else is really nice. Especially Beef, my personal favorite, Paranoid, Shell Shocked, and Callin' Me. This is a definate must buy. You guys might think that I like nothing but No Limit, but that isnt true. I like anything that is bumpin, and this shit is. RATING: 7.5 out of 10

REVIEW: KANE AND ABEL: "AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER?" : This is Kane and Abel's second CD, and it is a whole lot better than the first one, but not good enough to keep up with labelmates C-Murder, Mac and especially Master P. The album suffers from unoriginality. The first song is a good example. Why are you going to remake a Cyndi Lauper song? Why do you have to go there? I mean, Puffy really did it when he remade Cashmire by Led Zepplin for the Godzilla soundtrack. The song would have been MUCH better if he had left out the Chorus. It sounds so retarded on a rap song. The really good songs on here are "This is for the Smokers" although it is really short. "Soldier Story" is tight as well, "Ghetto Day", "We Don't Care and "The Game" are especially tight. "Watch Me" isn't bad either. "Call Me When You Need Some" is VERY NICE, my personal favorite on this album. "Betta Kill Me" sounds like a Three 6 Mafia song, and they rap like Three 6 Mafia, but they sound kinda neat rapping like that. "GangstaFied Forever" is also a nice variation of the original "GangstaFied". And finally Cornbread, Greens, and Cabbage" is the last good song on the album. If you ask me all of the rest of the CD sucks. It has 23 tracks on it, but only 1/4 of them I like? Nah I Can't give it a high rating, but I will give it a fair rating for being better than the first. RATING: 6 out of 10

REVIEW: RUTHLESS JUVENILES: "THE NEW BEGINNING": This is a straight up GANGSTA album. If you like all of that talk of blastin' heads off and peelin' caps, then this is just for you. I would advise that you turn the bass down on your stereo, because you will burn 'em up with this CD. Man this CD has hella bass. Of course Mobo Records is known for that type of sound. This is a very nice album, as were the previous two albums, "Hard As Tha Fuck", and "Hard as Tha Fuck II". The best songs are "Load That Pump" and "Slangin' Ain't No Thang".... nothing new as far as subject matter, but very nice sounding songs. Practically every song is bangin' so this is a definate must buy. RATING 7 out of 10.

EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: MASTER P: MP Da Last Don: I just got finished listening to the latest No Limit release, which as you know is Master P's final album....YEAH RIGHT! Anyway, the album suffers from one very important and common flaw. It was released too close to the release of his last album Ghetto D. Another very dangerous flaw is the fact that the project was rushed. I mean, you can have tracks pouring out of your ears, but if you release rushed bullshit, then your album ain't gonna sell, like E-40's last album The Hall of Game. He should have waited until Christmas at the least to release this album, and he should have taken his time to come up with original material. I am sorry, but you cannot add song melodies that I have heard on other recent albums and expect me to shell out the cash to hear it again...only with rap. NOPE it aint happenin'. But me being the Southern rap supporter I am, I decide to buy the album. The entire album is not bad, because the first disc has some BANGIN' tracks. It is the second CD, that I think is the waste of money. And believe me, if this were a $22 CD, I would be pissed. Lets first talk about that songs make the album good. On the first CD there are several tracks, starting with track number 4, which is Soldiers, Riders, and G's. If it had a better drum beat than that tin can sounding mess, then it would be a lot more digestible, but it still is tight. This one features the Snoopmeister (my name for Snoop), and really gives us more to look forward to on his solo album. The next track that is knockin' is Track 7 and it is called Ride. Now this is how the whole album should sound. This is a tight ass song, and of all people, Sons Of Funk produced it! Tracks 8, 9, and 10 are tight. The really nice song is Black and White, which has a really funny skit at the beginning, and talks about our stuggle as black people to fit in the so called "White man's" world. The rest of the CD is bangin; too, including Get Em' Wit My 9, and the absolutely BUMPIN' War Wounds, which features Fiend rapping like I have never heard him rap before.So, you should enjoy it. RATING: 7 out of 10
Now, the bad news. The second CD is rather awful in my opinion. I was in disbelief when I heard this mess. Almost all of the songs are depressing, and about 25% of them are either remixes or beats jacked from other albums. For example, there is a song, towards the middle of the CD called Ghetto Love, that has the same melody as SWV's "Rain". What in the hell? This has got to go. I liked "Rain", but when I am buying a CD, I wanna hear something different, something original.... because I feel like I am buying someone elses CD all over again. You get the picture. Anyway, the only tracks that moved me were the remix of Let's Git 'Em, which was my favorite on Ghetto D, and Welcome to My City. I was really disappointed with this CD. This product was just can tell, it is SO obvious. I suggest that you use this CD as a coaster or a frizbee. RATING:6 out of 10
OVERALL RATING: 6.5 ouf of 10

REVIEW: CONCENTRATION CAMP II: DA HOLOCAUST: This is another one of C-Loc's magical albums, and this time it is a national release, because the first one was only released on a regional basis, and is very hard to find in states like Oklahoma. This one contains songs from the first as well as new ones to appeal to those who are already familar with The Concentration Camp. The CD is simple packed with hard hitting beats. It features artists such as Boo tha Boss Playa from Jackson, MS, as well as Lay Lo, C-Loc, and Young Bleed. The first track is very nice and has some of the hardest hitting bass you can get on a rap album. Another tight track is the ORIGINAL "How You Do Dat?". It is called Fool, and it is entirely Young Bleed. There are some really tight songs on the album, especially those by Boo and C-Loc. This is definately an album to buy, especially of you are into that Louisiana sound, because it is all OVER this one! Hope you enjoy it, because I did! RATING: 7.6 out of 10

REVIEW: DJ JUBILEE: TAKE IT TO THE ST.THOMAS: This has got to be the most monotonous CD I have heard since I bought that last Mobo Click album. This is the most ridiculous crap I have heard on digital audio I have ever heard. I am sick of this damn New Orleans Bounce music all sounding the same, using the same Drag Rap beat. Man! For God Sake! Try something new! CRAP!!! There really isn't much to say about it other than it is very monotonous... virtually NO variation in the sound from track to track. I highly recommend that you stay away from this crap. RATING: 3 out of 10

REVIEW:C-MURDER: LIFE OR DEATH: This is a very nice album from a very vocal member of the group TRU out of New Orleans, LA. Here C- Murder attempts to match or exceed the efforts of his brothers in the solo CD world. And i feel that he does that. Although sales have slown down significantly, the CD did rather well. I don't think that he will make the GOLD stature, simply because he only will appeal to a certain audience, the rough and rugged, hardcore gangsta rap fans. The album is filled with interesting sounds, especially the track "Duck and Run", which uses the sounds of a bullet firing as part of the harmony....rather interesting! Other good songs are "Thugs", and "Kickadoe", which features UGK. Basically the last half of the CD, after track 14 is what catches my attention. The first half is kinda slow. I really think you will enjoy this, and it is just the first in a series of CD's being released by No Limit in the coming weeks. RATING: 7.5 out of 10

REVIEW:SONS OF FUNK: THE GAME OF FUNK: What the hell is this? An R&B CD from No Limit? Yepper... thats a ROGER. Actually this is a Master P album with ,Sons of Funk guest my opinion. Take the first track for instance. Master P is all over this track. It is SOOOO Tight though. Man that beat is GOIN' OFF!!!! One problem. What in the hell is this song doing on this album? This is the most out-of-place song I have ever heard on an album. I mean, of they are supposed to be R&B, then LSG can release a song called, "My Body Is Gonna Fuck Yo Ass Tonight". Think about it. Now we start getting into the Sons Of Funk part of the CD. However, it still does not sound like an R&B album. But I ain't complaining. Master P still raises his head on occasion, but this is not too bad, because you still get to hear enough of the Sons. The album has some nice slow jams, but I just cannot get used to the fact that No Limit is releasing R&B albums. What is this conspiracy? Anyway, if you like Beats By The Pound, then you'll certainly like this! I do. RATING: 7.8 out of 10

REVIEW: SOULJA SLIM: GIVE IT 2 'EM RAW: I just now realized that this is the infamous Magnolia Slim that is famous for the song "You Got It", an anthem that is played heavily throughout the Boot State. Now no longer underground, he has come up, with the help of Master P and is now a No Limit Soldier. First appearing on Down South Hustlers, Master P basically shows what type of lyrical style he has, and it is straight up RAW. The beats are kinda weak here but the album is still tolerable. Easily the tightest song is Track 15 which is "Get High Wit Me" which features talented lyrical skills of Mystikal, who makes everyone else on the track seem lame in comparison. Another very recognizable track is "You Got It II", which is just a continuation of the original track. Otherwise the rest of the track is really not that exciting. I don't like the image he tries to portray as a soldier, since we all know that Mystikal is the real soldier, but 'Silm tends to hold his own. The album seriously lacks in originality, but will prebably appeal to those that are less into lyrics and more into beats. RATING: 6.5 out of 10

REVIEW: FIEND: THERE'S ONE IN EVERY FAMILY: This brotha kinda suprised me with his second release. Maybe it was the better production, but this album is a mile and a half better than his first, which was on Big Boy Records. I think that he raps better with the beats made by Beats By the Pound than he does with the ones by Precise. The best track is number 5, which is "Who Got That Fire?", which uses one of the tightest and most unusual beats I have ever heard. This is something you can get high to, but I wouldn't know anything about that, since I don't smoke, and certainly not weed. The other tracks are pretty nice, just ones to jam while you are doing homework, nothing too spectacular. Overall a very nice effort. A good buy! RATING: 7.9 out of 10

REVIEW: SILKK: CHARGE IT 2 DA GAME: This is a definate marked improvement over the last Silkk album. I am not saying that it is excellent though. It is good to hear that Silkk has come up over the years since 1996, and with his parts on TRU: TRU 2 DA GAME and other No Limit albums, I think Silkk is now ready to contend with the big boys. The main thing about this album that really shines is the beats. Beats by The Pound never ceases to lay a good track down. The problem though is that even though Silkk's style of rap is much different from many others, I think that it really doesn't fit the beats. It almost seems as if he is trying to catch up to the rhythm, which i have noticed on all of his attempts dating back to the very first underground TRU album. But this really can be ignored, and it takes some getting used to. He blends well with the track on "Just be Straight With Me", which is easily one of the tightest songs on the album. "I'm A Soldier" is tight as well, along with the very nice sample of "All Night". One very odd sounding song is "Let Me Hit It" featuring Mystikal, although it is too short. This is the kind of originality I like. The album shows much more maturity than the last, and I think that most people who liked Mr. Serv-On and Mia X will be able to tolerate it. I do think that the Young Bleed album was a slightly more interesting album, because there were more interesting beats, and more of a theme to their music. "Thug In Me" is also a good track that caught my attention. This is a nice album, but I would not rank it above "Ghetto D" or Mystikal's "Unpredicatble", but definatley over Mr. Serv-On, which was the 2nd worst No Limit solo release next to Skull Dugery. I suggest you go buy it, because I think that Silkk should be supported, and I know I am gonna be bumpin' it, and I think that he is going to do nothing but get better over the years. RATING:7 out of 10

REVIEW: MOBO CLICK featuring LIL'GOLDIE:BRAND NEW FUNK: Well this is another Mobo Click release from the bounce experts of South Louisiana. I was very much interested in finding this CD for quite some time now, but I kinda wish I had not spent $16.99 on this mess. The Mobo Click is a group that consists of guys like Manny Boo, Dog House Posse, Lil' Goldie, Death and others. The main thing I like about anything from Mobo Records is the bassy tracks that they are so well known for in Louisiana. However, the main thing that hurts this album is monotonous tracks. For about the first 2/3 of the CD, the tracks all sound the same, using the old Show Boys "Drag Rap" beat as a background. The funny thing is, the tracks start out really nice, like "Foolishness" a track by Lil' Goldie. This starts of really nice, then they add that classic Drag Rap that is in too many bounce songs, and it totally messes it up. The only really notable tracks start with Big Neub and Death, and the best track is #18, which features Rick B and Mannie Boo called, "I Ain't Done Shit". Very nice track. Other than that, the CD lacks terribly in originality and kind of signals why Bounce Music has not gotten the recognition that other forms of rap have gotten. I suggest you get the first Mobo Click album is you want something more upbeat. RATING: 5 out of 10

REVIEW I: TRU: TRUE: This is Master P's third TRU release, and his first nationwide TRU release, so now people all over the country could get a feel on what message TRU is trying to relay. The album is rather bland, and I was quite dissappointed in this first nationwide effort. The main reason is that the CD really doesn't compare to the other releases from No Limit during this time such as Mia X's "Good Girl Gone Bad" and Master P 's "99 Ways To Die". However the album does have its strong points. Most would probably be taken aback by the rather vile album cover, depicting a man being sliced across the chest with a knife, as blood pours from the wound. However, this is only the beginning of what would be one of the toughest gangsta rap albums of the South. The album starts off on an amusing note, where Master P intimidates a brotha with a gun making him dance faster and faster until he finally shoots him. I think he could have done without this, because it really doesn't make any sense. The 2nd track called, "Last Dance" is a great song with an excellent beat, kinda laid-back, and will get your head bobbin'. The next track, "That's How We Break Bread" featuring C-Bo is rather interesting, lyrically, but the beat really doesn't appeal to me that much. C-Bo really flexxes his muscles on this track, but the beat, which sounds really low-budget kills it. The same goes for "Mobbin' Through My Hood" and the rest of the tracks until you get to "Walk Like A Killer", which is absolutely incredible. This is my favorite track on the entire album, and features a classic TRU beat. This track also features King George, a former No Limit Soldier. The rest of the album is rather weak until you get to "Anything Goes" which has a classic E-40 beat. Then comes "I'm Bout It , Bout It", which Master P and TRU are really known for. The rest of the album is weak, and the lyrics from King George don't make things any better (have you ever heard this brotha?...DAMN!) I am pretty sure that most everyone else has this CD, but the two favorites i have listed are the only real reasons to buy this. RATING: 6 out of 10

REVIEW II: TRU: TRU 2 DA GAME: This is a very BIG improvement over the last TRU CD. This one is really awesome, and with the help from Beats By the Pound and some years of experience, TRU has become one of the most potent rap groups in the South. Containing some of the tightest beats I have ever heard on a Southern rap album, "TRU 2 Da Game" is the first Southern double CD format to reach double platinum status, and is one of four other double cd formats to reach platinum status, the only others being Notorous B.I.G.'s "Life Ater Death" and 2 Pac's "All Eyez On Me" and "R U Still Down (Remember Me)". The album is classic Master P, containing the sounds you often hear in Southern rap, such as the Gangsta Walk beats in "There They Go" and "FED'Z". The double CD breaks down like this. The first disc is totally awesome. It starts off right with "No Limit Soldiers" and "I Always Feel Like", which was highly popular shortly before the album dropped. The song that makes the album though is "There Dey Go". HOLY CHRIST! OH MY GOD. This is the tightest beat I think I have ever heard from Master P and his crew. This will get you bouncin' and of you don't then something is definately wrong with ya. The first disc falls short at the end though, because "What They Call Us?" and "Gangstas Make The World" do not appeal to me at all. "Swamp Aggin" is pretty tight as well as the TRU remix to "Heaven 4 A Gangsta". Also, "Smokin' Green" is pretty tight too. This track is not available on newer copies of this album. It is replaced by "Pimp Shit"

The second disc is rather unpleasant. The CD is awful until you get to "TRU'S?" by C-Murder. Now this is the SHIT! "Pop Goes My Nine" is really tight, as well as "It's My Time" which shows how well Mia X can get the hell off on the mic! DAMN this woman can rap! The CD takes a dramatic fall afterward, because the beats really start to weaken, and I am left wondering if this was worth $14. Of course it is, but the second disc is just bad, and to this day, I really don't listen to it. "Final Ride" ends the first disc on an up note, and it leaves me feeling better about not running over it with my car. TRU really suprised me this time, and I am pretty sure that you already have this CD, because it is a MUST HAVE and definately a classic. RATING: 8 for the first disc.... 6 for the second disc, averaging out to be about mmmm...7 for both CDs out of 10 of course!

REVIEW III: MYSTIKAL: MYSTIKAL: This is Mystikal's first CD effort, released on Big Boy Records back in 1994 and 1995. There were actually two versions of the disc, one with his graphics on the front and a cool intro, then another with nicer Pen & Pixel graphics without the intro. At this time I was at Louisiana Tech Univ/Grambling Univ, and it was the first time anyone outside of South Louisiana had heard of Mystikal. I liked it. Man when i first heard this CD, I was like, "Who in the Hell is THIS?" and I was not suprised to hear that he was from New Orleans, sice I was really getting into Louisiana rap about that time. "Ya'll Ain't Ready Yet" was his first single and everyone was jammin it in Louisiana. This was a club favorite, and was especially unique because it used a live jazz band beat, only attempted by The Roots and RICKY B of the MOBO CLICK, a New Orleans rapper who is famous for his bounce style. But Mystikal was far from being bounce. Other than The Ruthless Juveniles, Black Mophia Clan, and Black Menace, Mystikal was one of the few who did not have a bounce style, since this was the trend of most Louisiana rappers at the time. Mystikal was best known for his rapid lyrical flow, and raspy voice, which seemed to blend well with his tight-ass beats, courtesy of DJ Precise. Mystikal basically put Big Boy Records on the map. It was after him that Black Menace and Partners N Crime, became mainstream. Now to talk about the album. Well this is simply an appealing album. It does not lack in originality anywhere, since Mystikal has plenty of interesting things to talk about. From the first track, the famous "Y'all Ain't Ready" to "Mind of Mystikal", this is easily one of the best Louisiana albums to date. DJ Precise just has this sound that I absolutely dig, and it seems that ever beat that he comes up woth goes well with Mystikals lyrics. "Smoke Something" is a rather catchy track, with some excellent bass and displays some of Mystikal's best lyrical agility. The album has a bad spot though in "Not that Nigga", which is a step backward, in my opinion. The dedication to his deceased sister was also a nice way to close out a great album, since she provided the chorus on "Not That Nigga". OVERALL THIS IA AN EXCELLENT ALBUM. I suggest you not waste your money though, since the album that came after this one, "Mind of Mystikal" is basically this album and more. So you might want to get that one instead. RATING: 8.7 out of 10

REVIEW IV: MYSTIKAL: MIND OF MYSTIKAL: Basically the same story here as in the last review, only there are new songs on this one. Mystikal was lucky enough to get recognized by JIVE Records and was offered a deal to do a new album. Since the distribution was rather bad for Big Boy Records, the last album was basically repeated with a few new ones to satisfy the ones who have been hearing Mystikal for years. This album was highly slept on, and really should have done better than it did, but it did well enough for a national debut. The new songs ranged from "Out that Boot Camp Clique" to "Here I Go", which is a very TIGHT song that is played in clubs all over the South to this day. The previous song saw much airplay on BET and local radio stations and exposed Black Menace to the world. The new songs really aren't that much of an improvement over what we have already heard. I must say, this was a rather smart move by Mystikal, since I doubt anyone wa going to buy something they already had. This was Mystikal's landmark album, the one that would land him a deal with Master P and No Limit, and would signify the decline of Big Boy Records as a potential record superpower in the South. With the loss of Partners N Crime, G-Slimm, The Ghetto Twiinz, and Fiend, Big Boy Records was well on its way to being no more. It still exists today, and has released two tight CD's by J-Dawg of Black Menace, but Mystikal was THE engine of this train, and it ain't goin' nowhere now. RATING: 8.9 out of 10

REVIEW V: MYSTIKAL: UNPREDICTABLE: Ah! Now we have Mystikal in 1998. Has he changed? NAH. In fact he has gotten better. But I don't care what anyone says. This album cannot come close to his first. ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is a big difference in this album because of one thing. Production. DJ Precise used to produce all of Mystikal's old stuff. Now, Beats by the Pound is doing all of the work. I figured it would actually work, and it did to some extent, but for some reason, Mystikal's beats in this album DO NOT match his style of rap at all. It kinda reminds me of PMD's "I Saw It Cummin'". I think Mystikal needs some time to adjust to the new environment that he has been placed in. There are some bright notes in this album though. "Unpredictable" is absolutely incredible. A perfect beat, with perfect lyrics. NUFF SAID! "Still Smokin" and "Who Got Tha Clout" are two very powerful songs that show Mystikal still's got it! Lastly, "The Man Right Chea" is VERY tight. They play this in the club everywhere. Other than that, the CD doesn't add up. It is very inconsistent, meaning the mood changes abruptly from song to song. I like smooth transistions from song to song not "shifting from 1st to 4th". OVERALL... not bad. RATING: 7 out of 10

REVIEW: SILKK: THE SHOCKER: This is Silkks's first national solo attempt. The album suffers from inexperience and no originality. It takes a while to get used to Silkk's style of rap... it kinda reminds me of the way PMD rhymes when Eric Sermon is not rapping with him, in other words.. solo. Despite this Silkk does deliver two tight ass tracks. The first is "I Ain't Takin' No Shorts". Man this is bangin'. The other is "Ghetto Tears", a very solemn track. Other than that, the album sucks ass. A lot of people like song "Hoes", but I think it is retarded. Anyway, the only reason to get this album is to see how Silkk sounded before he became good. RATING: 5 out of 10

REVIEW: MR SERV-ON: LIFE INSURANCE: This is absolute garbage. This is even worse than Silkk's first CD. Even the album cover looks low budget! I just get this feeling whenever I put this CD in my CD player. It just doesn't feel the same as my other CD's. I can feel the low-budgetness when I touch the case! This bad. Even The Source admitted that this is the absolute worst No Limit release. you can't help but agree. It is at the bottom of my CD stack, and it will stay there. RATING 3 out of 10







REVIEW: BLACK MOPHIA CLAN: 14 CHAPTERS:THE REVEALING: A very nice album comin' from Monroe, LA, 14 Chapters.... is definately showing us that South Louisiana is not the only place from which rap is emerging. After hearing them back in 1994 on a tape titled Bounty Huntaz, I was really looking forward to hearing more from these guys..and girl. The album, as far as lyrics, lack seriously in originality. The beats are something on another level though. This is good production, especially for an underground sophomore album. This as good if not better than their first album "Bounty Huntaz". RATING: 7.5/10





REVIEW: THE B.G.z: "Chopper City":

REVIEW: THE B.G. "It's All on You"

REVIEW: THE B.G. "It's All on You..VOL 2"





REVIEW: RICKY B: "Let's Go Get 'EM"