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We have a huge email prayer chain. Email me to join us! See bottom of page... or go to our Prayer Web Page. Click here to go there!

Meet Danciee and her hubby (who passed away tragically 3/16/01) She is the mother of 'thefroggie'. She was also the Gramma to everyone's beloved angel preemie, Nicole Lorraine! Most of you know her best as Danciee.

She got her screen name because she taught Country Line Dancing for a few years til the doctor told her to knock it off! Danciee hails from Washington!

E-mail Danciee! Or you can visit her sweet, angel grandbaby Nicole! Although the family lost Nicole to complications of her prematurity in January, she would really like it if you visited Nikki's page! You could leave an inspirational message for the family, find a friend who might have experienced the same thing you are now facing, or just peruse the links and archives. You can also visit Joanie's Corner of the WWW!

Basher (Also known as Bashie!) has been a chatter with us for a long, long, long, time. (Hmm...two years?) She loves reading, animals, and what else..oh yeah..chatting!!! You still want to know more? She's ** years old and lives in _______, Kansas and her name is _________ ______________. Fill in the blanks and make a totally kewl MADLIB! lol If you need homepage or IRC help, ask her! She chats exclusively (snob) in Talkcity at where she works several hours a week as a TCC=Talk City Crew member. :) Okay that's enough on her.

This is our one and only adorable hapie aka goldie aka Mys_terie. She and her hubby just retired from the Air Force and now she lives in the middle of "nowhere". She is also one of the original gang from chat, and addicted to Young and Restless! hhahahaha!! Go and see her beautiful web page here

Our beloved chat friend, 'Nite'!! Her real name is Sue but lots of us have "other" names for her, if ya know what I mean! LOLOLOL!!

Nite hails from sunny California, but says her real home is in Colorado! Makes it a little hard to stalk her now, HUH!!??!! She has two kids .... a 15 year old boy and a 10 year old girl! She is a dental hygenist by day four days a week and a cyber nut by night! Chatting with her cyber pals is her favorite thing to do!

She says she got her nick because she was trying out chat for the first time and it told her she needed a nick. Since it was night out, she typed in 'Nite', and it has been 'Nite' ever since! Unless of course she is out causing trouble with Goldie, Nessa and Danciee, then it's something totally different! We may never know!! LOLOL! We all love ya, Nitey Poo!!

(This here is Slavieepoo, aka so many other names, I can't list them! And the other is James and one of the legless children!!) My parents met and married on the Navajo Reservation of NM where they both had been working at that time. My father was a medicine man (witch doctor) and my mother was a teacher. They both left to IN where my father was going to college and got his PhDs. I was then born in Bloomington, IN. After my father was finished with college we then moved back to NM where I have been sense the age of 3. In 1982 my father converted to Christianity and burned all of his "pagan" stuff and stopped practicing heeling. I remained in my traditional beliefs till around age 16. My conversion is a another long stupid story. If you want it, than email ME . I then converted to the Pentecostal / Charismatic form of Christianity because those song books dont do much for me other than put me sleeping to the voices of people who cant sing in the first place. : ) I am currently in my 4th year of Bible College. I have maybe about 6 more years or so. I just love my teachers to death. They are extreme blessings from GOD. My hobbies are creating music and playing by ear, writing poems, frying my brain in chat rooms all day and all night, and I like freaking people out by talking about my legless children. At the same time I dont believe in having any images of my children because of curses that are prayed on them. In most of my time I study Arabic Culture and language by having constant contact with Arab people, in chat rooms, e-mail, and personal ads. I am also following their steps in an arranged marriage. Call me crazy if you so like, being an odd ball is part of this life. : )

Here we have another "shy" chatter. She does not want her picture published for the world to see, so found the closest cartoon she could!! This is Pypielongstockn. She is one of the funniest gals I have ever met. A great addition to the chat room for sure!! Here is what she sent in on herself.
I'm almost 18 woo-hoo. I finally get to fulfill my strange obsession with scratching lotto tickets. It's not for the money. They're just so colorful ....and themed and soo soo tempting. I live in Missouri. I really like literature, and I think I've finally gotten back into the habit of writing after about 5 years or so. I have a little 'zine that I do called "URG". I'm also a fan of :: Bittish television, consparicy theories, Phish, The Doors Franz Kafka:: to name a few. I'm not quite sure what I want to, but right now I'm leaning torwards Architecture, or electronics. I've always wanted to design things for "The Sharper Image" or design video games or something fun like that. Well, if there's anything else you want to know, you can always go to my webpage Right Here

My name is Paul, my nick in chat is Mr-Great-Heart. I live in SE Seattle. I'm 36 and single, I work in retail at this time. My hobbies include reading, playing tennis and other sports, surfing the internet, and I like movies. I've been a Christian since 1976 and my life verses are John 10:27-30. I currently attend Fellowship Baptist Church in Renton, WA; where I am a member

This is Kristine and her hubby Brian, Kris is known as Fullquiver in the chatroom. Brian is a minister and they now live in Colorado. Kristine is a stay at home mom, they have 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls. click here to visit their homepage.

ok has bullied me into sending a bio even tho i think im better off remaining mysterious.... im nessa..and if u happen to see little ^ signs beside my name they are ANGEL WINGS .....reguardless of what u may hear dance say they are...... im from asheville nc where i live with my hubby bill and daughter shana.11. im a stay at home mom and really enjoy it..... we also have a son....23yr old kevin who is married to trish .....they have given us the 2 prettiest little grand daughters in the world...jessica who was 2 yr old new years eve and kimberly who was just born in february.....they are both adorable... if god made anything better than gran babies hes kept it all for himself! ... .u can learn more about our family if u visit my web site. Click Here to visit Nessa's Page ... real creative !!



My name's Gail,aka Rainbowsend. I'm 38 years old, I live in Washington State. I've been a Christian since late 1971, I was Baptized Easter of 1972. I love the Lord, my family, my internet family, and my friends. I like to camp, fish, horse back ride, and work at the fair. I am a Lion's member, I volunteer at the nursing home in town. I call bingo Twice a week, I love children, my Twin Boys are with the Lord, I love animals. God Bless Gail

Here is one of our newest chat friends and prayer warriors. This SerenitySyl, and she is a 65 year old, 1/2 amd 1/2 American Indian gramma who lives in Kansas. She comes in and chats with us, and has told me she lives in a real live Earth House! Yes!! Made out of dirt! I think that is real cool, and want a picture of that too now! Syl is a goofball, and fits right in with the chat gang. I still wish she woulda sent me a picture with her braids and feathers!!

My real name is Melody as well as my cybername. I am a 38 year old mom of one. My husband, Brian is an electrician and mighty man of God. We love and are thankful for our local church. But we pray and for the churches in the North West, believing that God will pour out His presence in a great way on us all! For fun I like to chat (of course), and play with our new computer toys. I enjoy talking to people in real time and am thankful for where God has us today.







Hi, I am Ziggy... I live in South Carolina. I have been married to a wonderful man for over 20 years. We have two children Matt and Josh. Most of you know Matt as Zed... he is now 14! (He also chats and was on this page too...but only have "active" chatters pictured here now!) dog and 3 fish and I want a goat and a pig, then I would just need a farm! I was saved in Rota Spain in 1980 where my oldest son was born nearly 17 years ago. God has been good to me and my family, and I pray that each of you who read and visit this website is blest with much happiness. Love Ziggy aka Linda





Here is Slick Rick and his family. Also known as Scourge and many many nicknames too numorous to mention!

Here is a very nice pic of our very own 'BibleO' and his lovely wife! This was taken while they were in Spain doing missionary work! They were in the town of Baeza, located in the Jaen province of Spain. They did Scripture Distribution door to door with a team of eleven from the United States. They were able to completely cover EIGHT towns in NINE days! 'Leo', as we lovingly refer to him, would appreciate it if we could pray for results! Robert & his wife love to do missions!

Mr. & Mrs. 'BibleO' are from Tennessee and you can e-mail 'LeO' or visit his website, "For God So Loved The World...."! It is a very wonderful page that spreads the word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

This here is Majikguy! and here is his bio!............My real name is Michael J. Keohler, and I've been chatting online for just over a year now. I'm 29 years old and living in Washington state with my wife Kelly, and son, Jeremy. I have been in the Navy for almost 10 years now, and am currently assigned to a submarine, where I work as a Missile Technician. Although I now serve in the Pacific, I was submerged in the Atlantic on my first boat when I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour about 8 years ago.

Now, it's time to meet 'froggie'! The beautiful bundle of joy in her arms is that preemie we all came to know and love! Yup, that's Nicole Lorraine!

Froggie got her nickname when she was a kid! It is one of those names that has stuck with her ever since! And Nikki was lovingly given an extension of her Mommy's screen name. Her nick was "Lil' Ribbit"!

Unfortunatly, Nikki passed away on January 16th, but her Internet legacy lives on in the form of her website. You can visit Nikki's angelic website, The "Official" Lil' Ribbit Homepage aka Nikki's Page, if you haven't already been there! You can also e-mail Froggie You can see Jackies web page here.

And here's BigMoneyMan!!! BigMoneyMan is a 21 year old college student attending Western Washington University. He is pursuing an Accounting degree and then its on to GRAD school for his MBA. He aspires to be a business BIGWIG or a policeman, eventually working for the FBI. He enjoys all types of sports and all types of music, especially DMB!

Click on his name to E-mail BigMoneyMan

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