Washing Machines
The most difficult thing is working out how on earth to use them (see below).

Wellington Boot
It does the Duke of Wellington no credit that he invented these. He ought to be remembered for saving Europe from the threat of Napoleonic conquest, and masterminding one of the great military victories of all time, a victory which shaped the map of Europe for the nineteenth century. Quite frankly, thinking of him spending his spare time standing in ponds with a jam jar rather takes the edge off.

Wellington Boot; Named after the Duke of Wellington, worn by
wankers with Range Rovers

W.G. Grace
If he was such a good cricketer, how come he only had a toy bat?

If you don't know what one of these is, then it looks like it'll have to be another ten years in your special school, putting your hands first in hot then cold water with a member of staff there to monitor for any flicker of reaction, and safely surrounded by brightly couloured bouncy objects.

Wright Brothers
Invented and flew the first aeroplane. Also pioneers of airflight to exploit the commercial side of flying, realising it's potential as the luxury transport of the twentieth century

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