Vicks Sinex

Usually the whole point of having a video recorder isto record programmes which you are too busy to watch when they are actually shown. Fair enough. But if you were too busy to watch it in the first place why should you be any less busy when you want to watch the recordings? The result of this is that everyone with a video ends up with an immense stock of programmes that they will never see. This process is best illustrated when you watch the first show of a series. By the time the second show is on, you still haven't watched the first one, which means that even if you are at home you can't watch the second because that would mean watching the second before the first, which is confusing, so you have to video it instead. This means that by the third show you still havn't watched the first two and by the end of the series you have recorded all the shows, but will never watch them because it's too much to take at one sitting and there is something else on you want to watch anyway.
Even if you do finally make the monumental effort to sit down and watch it chances are that you haven't recorded it properly anyway and instead of the all important first ten minutes of the programme you wanted what you have actually got is the last ten minutes of an extended Nine O'clock News, an item on an organic chicken farm in Norwich, and Suzanne Charlton standing in front of a satellite picture of some clouds.

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