Name, Middle
The name you try to hide because it is so crap. Often it is a name that has been passed from generation to generation through the family and which you have been given to keep your granny happy. This knowledge is sod all use when you are having the shit kicked out of you in the playground for being called Windermere.

Country that was for a long time the 'in' place for the British right-on classes. The collapse of the Sandinista regime allowed for certain opinions to be expressed openly which previously could only be held in private.
First, Nicaraguan coffee tastes like shit. No wonder they had to export it all to Camden market. Certain brands of Brazilian coffee may be made through the sweat of exploited workers, but Nicaraguan coffe is made out of the sweat of exploited workers.
Second, Latin music is shit. All you students who thought that the lyrics were all about revolutionary socialism are sussed because all they actually are are reworkings of 'Ay Yi Yi Yi Moosey'.

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