Estate Agents
Estate Agents are the masters of marketing. They make duff property seem quite nice - In short they lie, so you can waste your time by going around to see it. It would be far more sensible to just make the details accurate (see below)

Eyes, Stars In Their
TV Series which enables men who look nothing like George Micheal to come on, go through some dry ice, and come out looking nothing like George Michael. Some may have thought that this apparently innocuous look-alike show could lead to no greater problem than the viewer at home occasionally thinking 'Hang On! is that really George Michael, he's put a bit of weight on'. But the actual fact, some disturbing recent events have suggested that the performers on Stars In Their Eyes may have darker ambitions than just proclaiming themselves the saddest people in the world.
The chilling possibility is emerging that the careers of stars like George Micheal could be being infiltrated by talentless imposters. That this had indeed happened was confirmed by the release of Listen Without Prejudice - clearly not the work of a great musical genius but, perhaps, of a fat unshaven greek tosser.

George Micheal

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