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Hi, my name is Mari Mar and I'd like to welcome you to my world.  
Here, you'll find many links to wonderful sites that are chock full of information, entertainment and creativity.  Please make yourself at home, help me out with my little survey (below), do a little shopping, drop me a line and/or sign my guestbook....but most of all, enjoy!!!

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To My Immediate Worlds
My Immediate Worlds
* These are links to my other pages and my personal world

To My Friends' Worlds
My Friends' Worlds
* You'll find pages dedicated to a great variety of things

To Other 
Favourite Worlds
Other Favourite Worlds
* Employment, hobbies, radio, TV... you name it!

To Shopping Worlds
Shopping Worlds
* Places where you can buy all kinds of things at great prices

To Link Exchange Page
Link Exchange Page
* Meet my new online friends and perhaps join our group

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