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The Jungles of Khyrejland.....

You have entered into a chamber of romance, excitement, and fulfillment. To begin, let me inform you of who I am. I am Khyrej, pronounced (Ki-ree). I am a 22-year-old, intelligent, fun-loving, outgoing, determined woman that doesn't allow anything or anyone to come in between what I want and me. I am very caring, loving, romantic, and assertive. I always go after what I want, and in most cases, get what I want. I am warm, spontaneous, and energetic. I am a woman of the 90's! So with that in mind, do you think you can handle the journey that is before you? Do you believe in your heart that the jungles of Khyrejland are where you want to venture? If so, enter my dome with extreme caution.
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