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Philly the Cat

 Philly - March '98.
This is my cat, named Philly. He is named after Phil Collins. 

I just love having a cat around the apartment, because he is so quiet and keeps to himself. 

Philly turned 8 years old on August 26/99 

He is a male, neutered & declawed indoor cat, who is very trusting with the birds. 

Philly doesn't like other cats, which is weird because he likes birds and dogs.  

Jesse and Philly used to chase each other around the place, but Philly would never try to grab Jesse, Bengy or Barry. Hed just sit there and look at them.  Philly at 7 weeks old.

Philly owns the place, I just pay the rent. 

I love all my animals and wish everyone would spay and neuter their cats and dogs, because there are so many unwanted puppies and kittens out there in the animal shelters. 

As time goes by I will be updating new pictures of Philly  


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