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Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams(1926 ~ 1988) Kenneth Williams was born in London, England. He was known as a famous British comedian who mostly contributed his life for Carry On films but it has not been well-known with what he contributed in Just A Minute, BBC panel show. As a writer of this website, I'd like to share this with anyone who may be interested in him and his contribution in this show.

Kenneth Williams in Just A Minute
As I mentioned on my main page, Just A Minute has three kinds of rules and this rule is very simple and delightful. In case of Kenneth Williams, when he really keeps going for 60 seconds, he often dragged his speech to spend more times and usually made funny voice which he often employed in his Carry On films. Kenneth Williams story in Just A Minute was mostly picked out from his own knowledge based on English literature he loved, such as Shakespear's works. Sometimes, Kenneth often blamed other panelists when they challenge with indecent manner. He was rather obedient to the chairman, Nicholas Parsons decisions in Just A Minute and often protect the chairman from other players dispute on final judgement. Kenneth Williams often used the phrase, of course and sometimes also used the word, well which is Peter Jones idiosyncrasy. That cause other players to challenge with repetition and also he usually used the expression, disgraceful!!, Great fool!, Great nit! to anyone who challenges or disputes with indecent manner.

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