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Guest Players

There have been many guest contributors in Just A Minute. Mostly British comedians, writers, actors, and actresses.

1. Jarilyn Jones(1975 ~ 1981): She appeared many times in Just A Minute. although she wasn't very funny, she contributed a lot for the show. She was one of Kenneth Williams favourite female panelists. Usually Kenneth Williams claimed that women mustn't be allowed to play the show, but only to Jarilyn Jones, he was rather kinder and more generous than to the other panelists.
2. Sheila Hancock(1978 ~ 1983): Sheila Hancock appeared Just A Minute as often as Jarilyn Jones. She was funny and witty and knows how to play the show although she is not a regular. As Kenneth Williams once said, Sheila Hancock is one of the most charming woman panelists and actually she had done it wonderfully.
3. Andrey Mary(1977 ~ 1979): Andrey Mary didn't play the show much and she wasn't as funny as I expected she should be, but she had played a good role in Just A Minute.
4. Tim Rice(1979 ~ 1984): Tim Rice is one of the popular guest players in Just A Minute. He has done a lot of funny contributions in the show. Tim Rice was usually known as an English lyricist, so Nicholas Parsons sometimes asked him to express some of his lovely words in the show.
5. Barry Cryer(1976 ~ 1984): Barry Cryer is another popular regular guest panelist in Just A Minute. On the first time appearance, he wasn't really funny but he gradually learnt how to play the show with hilarity.
6. Jars Brenderit(1976 ~ 1984): He is an English writer and showed a lot of wittiness and fun in Just A Minute. He almost played like a regular panelist although he was a guest type of player.
7. Henry Kelly(1979 ~ 1981): Henry Kelly was a true guest player in Just A Minute and he seemed to master the rules of the game.
8. Martin Jarvis(Only twice in 1982): Martin Jarvis is a funny guest player in the show and actually he is a writer. He gave us great fun with his fluent French in Just A Minute.
9. Alfred Marks(Few times in 1980s): Alfred Marks wasn't so funny but he gave us a few jokes in the show.
10. Jim Marsh(One time in 1979): She was invited only once to Just A Minute but got great victory.
11. Miles Kington(One time in 1978): Miles Kington wasn't a funny guest player but he was all right.
12. Wendy Richards(One time in 1978): Wendy Richards is one of the very well-known British actresses with her appearance in "Are you being served?", a popular comic TV series from 1973 to 1984. She didn't often appear in Just A Minute as a guest. I believe she might have been busy with her TV series schedules.
13. Victoria Wood(1984): Victoria Wood is one of the well-known British comic actress and her performance in Just A Minute was as funny as she used to be on other shows. She lately started to play another show on BBC1.
There will be more guest players later.