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Far Out!


He soars through the heavens Free as a bird

Singing the sweetest song you have ever heard

The higher he soars The louder he sings

He's gone on To better things

No more we'll see his familiar face

No more we'll hear him singing for space

But John will remain forever near

To those of us who loved him dear

for in our hearts he can never die

He is only learning to fly.

Heavens gate

John Denver's left the building

He's gone for ever more

I wish I got to say goodbye

before he closed the door

I wish he didn't have to go

he left us way too soon

He left before he had the chance

to dance across the moon.

I wish I'd sent the letter I had written long ago

I would have sent it that same day

If only I did know

but I put it off and then some more

and now it is too late

Unless ofcourse I address it to

John at heavens gate

Aurevoir My Friend

They've hardly said a word
About the fact your gone,

They've hardly said your name
or played a favourite song,

They havn't said how good you were
and the great things that you've done,

They havn't mentioned you were full of life
Or how you loved the sun.

But I will do my little bit to keep alive your word.
I will always hear your song in every singing bird.

If people try to mock,
as you know they often do

I will sing my songs a little louder
and I'll do it all for you.

I know your bodies gone
but your soul can never die,

That is why I say aurevoir my friend
but I'll never say good-bye!

all Poetry @copywright to Jennifer Bell
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And yes we are related to the Addams

I wish you didnt leave us
I wish you didnt go,

I thought I knew the way
but now I just dont know

I was heading in the right direction
guided just by you

now your gone the road is forked
I dont know what to do

In the darkness you were light
at night you were my day

how will I go on without you?
whats my reason to stay?

Then I go outside ,and see the shining sun
I hear the birds a singing
and children having fun

I look around I feel the sun
warm across my brow

Thankyou John for guiding me and yes.......
I have it now!