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photo copyright J.Hodkinson 2003


Quinns Rocks, approx 26km north of Perth in Western Australia. Quinns Rocks is situated on the coastline of the Indian Ocean. The first records of the area were made in 1866 by Robert QUIN, a Government Surveyor. For almost 50yrs it was a haven for holiday makers, retirees and fishermen but in the 1990's it became a rapidly growing part of the Northern Suburbs of Perth. it really is a nice place to live.

Although it is thought by some that Quinns Rocks was named after Robert QUIN, a second QUINN appears (Mick) in the guise of a shepherd employed by the Clarkson family (Clarkson is a nearby suburb). The Clarkson family had large properties in the Toodyay area and used Quinns Rocks land as winter grazing for many years prior to the first grants being issued in 1888. These leases were for a total of 33,000 acres at a cost of 1 pound ($2.00) per 1000 acres. Burns Beach the next beach south from Quinns is named after another of Clarkson's shepherds Tom Burns.

The earliest shacks were built on the beach in about 1939 (early residents fished and crayfished). The shacks were sometimes built from the packing cases of German pianos. They were about 10ftx6ft and some had a clinker built boats which were stored inside, this only left about a 6ft space, so all the tables and chairs were kept folded until the boat was removed by the owners. Early shack owners were restricted to 48hrs in their shacks at any one time without permission from the Road Board. In 1959 shack owners had to remove their shacks and these owners were given first right of refusal for blocks on the ocean front, which cost about 400 pounds($800)- a block on the beach today (2010) will cost roughly $800,000. There was no sealed road to Quinns Rocks until after 1950 because the Clarksons had the land fenced, access was gained by driving on sand tracks and sand dunes. To get to the beach you had to unlock gates and the chances of getting bogged down were great.

According to one of the early shack owners (David Watkins) his old shack was moved in 1952 and is now his shed. Alco built a demo house in 1955 and is still here. Dave Watkins said that in this new house he had no electricity or water. Aladdin lanterns were used for lighting and put on the beach to find the shore when out fishing, as there were no lights anywhere. Kero fridges, wood stoves, primuses were used for cooking. Jack pumps, tanks and windmills used to pump water. Some of these still exist.


My favourite State in Australia is Queensland which is semi-tropical and just beautiful. It has a really humid time of the year which is Jan-Mar but the rest of the year is mostly sunny and warm/hot.

Perth is a Mediterranean type climate and is fairly isolated from the rest of Australia. It is called the Wildflower State because of the beautiful wildflowers at a certain time of the year. It is a nice clean city and has some very nice beaches and the people are friendly. The people who live here are known as 'Sandgropers' because of all the sand.

Canberra is the Capital of Australia and was designed by Griffin. Lake Burley Griffin which was created in 1964 when the Molonglo River was dammed is named after Griffin. Federal Parliament first sat in Canberra in 1927. The High Court building was completed in in 1980 and the National Gallery in 1981-2. New Parliament House on Capital Hill was ready by bicentenary year 1988. Some of the scenery outside the City centre is beautiful, especially the Brindabella Ranges and Kosciusko National Park. It can be even colder than England in Winter due to the cold winds from the Brindabella's but it was still a nice place to live and I made some really nice friends there.

Photo of Quinns Rocks is my own photo, if you wish to use it please get permission from me first

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