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These are some of my animals that were all so special to us and have now gone to dog heaven due to old age.
I have also included some links to information about Australian animals.

Our Westie "Tina" - she passed away 2011 aged 17yrs

"Josie" - she was very special

"Bertie" sadly passed away 14yrs old 24 March 2008


'Candy' .

Candy and Tinker waiting for the fire to be lit.


Just click on the pictures for more information about the animals below.

    Save the Koala - Australian Koala Foundation

    Brian Bush's Homepage - Snakes Harmful and Harmless - specialising in reptiles

      All about Roos! Wombats

      The DingoPossums and Gliders

      The Quokka

        Claire's paintings - Ponies and animals

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