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These are some of my animals that were all so special to me and have now gone to dog heaven.
I have also included some links to information about Australian animals.

Our Westie "Tina" - she passed away 2011 aged 17yrs

This is dear "Josie", she is also in doggy heaven now - she was very special

"Bertie" sadly passed away 14yrs old 24 March 2008!!

One of my Siamese Fighting Fish

'Candy' .

Candy and Tinker waiting for the fire to be lit. They have both gone to dog and cat heaven.


Just click on the pictures for more information about the animals below.

    Save the Koala - Australian Koala Foundation

    Brian Bush's Homepage - Snakes Harmful and Harmless - specialising in reptiles

      All about Roos! Wombats

      The DingoPossums and Gliders

      The Quokka