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***Sailor Moon Episodes***

1.A Star Is Born

In this premier episode, 14 year old schoolgirl Serena learns that she is "Sailor Moon", and that her destiny is to save the world from the evil Queen Beryl. Luna the talking cat, and Tuxedo Mask are also introduced as Sailor Moon's guides and protectors.

102. Talk Radio

Queen Beryl, in her constant quest for the source of human energy, uses a late night radio talk show called "The Love Line" and one of her henchmen as the DJ, to entice Serena's teacher and her friend Molly to become innocent victims. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and Luna save their friends by exposing the show's evil intent and the Queen's plot to sap the energy human's expend on 'love'.

103. Slim City

Serena's in a panic! She's gained weight and tries to lose it quickly by starving herself and working out. Her nemesis, Queen Beryl, has also learned that human's expend an absurd amount of energy on crazy diets and frantic activity they call 'fitness'. Serena's fitness instructors are really from Queen Beryl, and the energy used to work out is being fed directly to the Negaforce by putting humans in "relaxation pods". This becomes Sailor business as Sailor Moon saves the day and exposes the evil plot.

104. So You Want to be a Superstar

Serena's friends get stars in their eyes when super star, Saffron, visits their school and invites the kids to compete in a talent contest. But does Saffron really work for Queen Beryl? Is Beryl merely using this as a ploy to sap more energy from the unwitting contestants? And does Sailor Moon come to the rescue aided by Tuxedo Mask and Luna the cat? Of course!

105. Computer School Blues

The evil Queen Beryl and her henchmen try to turn commuters and human lust for scholastic achievement and success into another dastardly scheme to sap energy from Sailor Moon and her unwitting friends. In this episode Sailor Moon is joined for the first time by Amy, who becomes Sailor Mercury.

106. Time Bomb

Queen Beryl's henchman, Jedite, finds a way to rig all the alarm clocks and slow time in an evil scheme to sap human energy. Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts successfully break Jedite's spell.

107. An Uncharmed Life

Bus loads of tourists have been disappearing from the sacred temple on Cherry Hill. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Luna travel through the Black Hole to save everyone from the evil Jedite.

108. Nightmare in Dreamland

Serena and the others visit "Dreamland", the local amusement park, to investigate rumours that people are disappearing. Darien joins them too. The evil Jedite is feeding bon-bons to the people making them fall into a deep trance. Then Queen Beryl can easily sap their energy. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury come to the rescue.

109. Cruise Blues

A dream vacation on the Sunset Romance Cruise Ship turns into a really bad trip for Sailor Moon and her scouts. The Negaverse has sent Jedite and Titis to steal all the love energy from the humans on board. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars learn that letting someone make you feel bad about yourself is never a good idea.

110. Fight to the Finish

The evil Jedite challenges the three Sailor Scouts to a duel on the main runway of the local airport. Jedite knows if he loses, Queen Beryl will punish him with Eternal Sleep condemning him to the most profound darkness forever. And a new soldier of Queen Beryl is introduced -- Neflite.

111. Match Point for Sailor Moon

Neflite has now replaced Jedite as Queen Beryl's henchman. He is posing as a tennis coach, Maxfield Stanton. Molly's best friend, Katie Sandler, becomes a champion tennis player with the aid of a mysterious tennis racket with super powers. Could the Negaverse be involved? Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the Sailor Scouts take over the court to save the day!

112. An Unnatural Phenomena

Serena's girlfriend, Raye, starts dating Darien in this episode. Neflite, chooses his next victim -- an elderly gardener who's favorite park is being demolished. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask join together to save the elderly gardener and his beautiful park.

113. Wedding Day Blues

Everyone's involved in a wedding dress sewing contest, but when Neflite's Black Widow casts her evil web, the Sailor Scouts are snared.

114. Shutter Bugged

The Sailor Scouts are dying to have their picture taken but this camera is taking more than just pretty pictures. When the Scouts expose the evil Neflite's ruse, he turns the lens on Sailor Moon herself!

115. Dangerous Dollies

Some beautiful dolls suddenly become frightening pawns of Neflite's evil forces and the Sailor Scouts have their hands full.

116. Who is that Masked Man?

A fake Tuxedo Mask appears and Sailor Moon finds out too late that it's really the evil Neflite setting a trap to capture her. This time Queen Beryl pulls out all the stops to try and finally get Sailor Moon.

117. An Animated Mess

The evil power of the Negaforce filters into an animation studio. Jealousy, ambition and insecurity tear old friends apart and provide rich energy for the evil servants of Queen Beryl.

118. Worth a Princess's Ransom

An evening with Tuxedo Mask is cut short when Queen Beryl's evil servants come looking for the long lost Emperium Silver Crystal - the crystal that will shape the destiny of the entire universe. In order to find it, they first need to locate all the 'rainbow crystals' hidden in different humans.

119. Molly's Folly

Neflite is the wrong guy to get a crush on! But Molly finds herself developing one on Neflite, thinking he's Maxfield Stanton. But all Neflite is after is the Emperium Silver Crystal, and only the Sailor Scouts can stop him.

120. A Friend in Wolf's Clothing

Neflite develops an interest in Molly, and Molly casts her fate with Neflite's. This becomes a dangerous situation when Zoycite arrives from Queen Beryl to destroy Neflite. Neflite finds out the true identity of Sailor Moon, but the secret ends with him when he is destroyed by Zoycite trying to protect Molly.

121. Jupiter Comes Thundering In

Queen Beryl explains the story of the Seven Shadows, and how they need to find the humans that were born with each Rainbow Crystal inside. The Negaverse gains it's first crystal from Game Machine Joe. While trying to save him, Sailor Jupiter is revealed.

122. The Power of Friendship

Molly's feeling blue after losing Neflite, and seeks advice from a kindly old man only to discover the evil Zoycite has business with the old man too. Will Zoycite capture a Rainbow Crystal?

123. Mercury's Mental Match

Zoycite attacks the school's brand new braniac and thinks he is another keeper of a Rainbow Crystal. The Scouts try to save the boy and the crystal from Zoycite.

124. An Artful Attack

Everyone's excited about a wonderful new artist, until Zoycite turns up determined to capture her Rainbow Crystal for his Queen.

125. Too Many Girlfriends

Zoycite's monsters are back and they are after another human carrying a Rainbow Crystal.

126. Grandpa's Follies

Raye's Grandpa is acting very strange and no one knows what's wrong. Then Zoycite and her evil minions turn up at Raye's shrine looking for another Rainbow Crystal.

127. Kitty Chaos

A little girl becomes a target for the evil Zoycite, and all the alley cats in Tokyo are after Luna. But where's the Rainbow Crystal hidden this time? Could Luna's fat feline friend be the keeper?

128. Tuxedo Melvin

An amusement park offers more than thrills for the price of a ticket. It's a full-on battle between the Sailor Scouts and the Negaverse for control of all the Rainbow Crystals.

129. Sailor V Makes the Scene

There's a Sailor Moon look-alike, but is she a friend or foe? When she finally shows her true colours, is it too late for Tuxedo Mask? Sailor Venus, the fifth scout, is revealed, along with her feline guardian, Artemis.

130. A Crystal Clear Destiny

Tuxedo Mask goes one-on-one with the evil Zoycite, and the winner gets all the Rainbow Crystals. Queen Beryl and Zoycite now know the identity of Tuxedo Mask. Serena reveals to Darien that she's Sailor Moon, and Darien reveals that he's really Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon discovers she's the Moon Princess, and regains the Emperium Silver Crystal.

131. A Reluctant Princess

At last the Silver Emperium Crystal has been returned to the Moon Princess, but is Sailor Moon strong enough and brave enough to use it to save her friends and thwart the evil Negaverse? Tuxedo Mask tells the story of how he was a Prince of the Earth and Serena was a Princess of the Moon, and that they were engaged. Artemis and Luna tell the Scouts of their past lives in the Silver Millennium.

132. Bad Hair Day

A free haircut becomes a really bad hair day for Sailor Moon when it becomes an all our fight against a scissors-snipping monster from the Negaforce. But Tuxedo Mask there to save the day, or to get the Silver Emperium Crystal away from Sailor Moon?

133. Little Miss Manners

Sailor Moon decides that it's time to acquire the manners of a princess and become a star pupil at finishing school. But she soon learns that the finishing school is more interested in finishing off the students, and the Sailor Scouts have to stop her before it's too late.

134. Ski Bunny Blues

The Scouts are set on winning the Miss Moon Princess Contest, not knowing until too late that it's nothing but a plot by the evil Queen Beryl to lure and capture the Scouts.

135. Ice Princess

Lita is showing off her skating skills and falls for a hunky ice star in the process. When the ice stars turn out to be pawns of the evil Negaforce, Tuxedo Mask suddenly comes to Sailor Moon's rescue.

136. Last Resort

Serena and her family go on vacation to a lake resort. When the creature trapped in the lake attacks her family, Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and saves them.

137. Tuxedo Unmasked

Queen Beryl starts to recapture those unfortunate seven who carried the Rainbow Crystals, including Amy's good friend Greg, and unite them into the Invisible Shadow -- a mighty warrior. Then the Sailor Scouts would not have a chance in battle, and Beryl would be rid of them once and for all. But when Amy vows to protect Greg, it's Prince Darien she must vanquish.

138. Fractious Friends

The Sailor Scouts are squabbling and Queen Beryl and her henchmen intend to take full advantage of the situation. It's a deadly game of double cross. Are the Scouts really splitting up or is it just a trick?

139. The Past Returns

The forces of the Negaverse have finally broken into our universe and are intent on taking over the world. Sailor Moon meets her mother, Queen Serenity, who takes her back to her roots to see the final days of the Moon Kingdom, once the happiest place of the galaxy.

140. Day of Destiny

Sailor Moon finally faces off against Queen Beryl, and Tuxedo Mask himself. Sailor Moon defeats Queen Beryl and blasts her back to the Negaverse, but Sailor Moon loses her memory in the process. The Earth finally has a chance for real peace at last.

141. The Return of Sailor Moon

Serena's back to being a normal schoolgirl, and doesn't remember a thing about the Sailor Scouts. Alan and Ann, secretly from the Negaforce, enroll in Serena's school as brother and sister, to steal energy to feed their "Doom Tree". Serena is called upon once more to become Sailor Moon in order to stop Alan and Ann's scheme.

142. So You Want to Be in Pictures

The Scouts are lured into a glamourous movie studio only to discover there's something sinister going on behind the scenes. The Scouts have no memory of their heroic life, but when the time comes, they become the Sailor Scouts and save the day.

143. A Knight to Remember

Serena misses Tuxedo Mask and Darien's affection. Then a monstrous lion from the Negaverse attacks the Sailor Scouts, but they are saved by the mysterious "Moonlight Knight".

144. VR Madness

A virtual reality theatre is the location for the Negaverse's next attack but it get's way to personal for Sailor Moon when they attack her own family. When Sailor Moon attempts to save her family, her own Moon Tiara fails her. Suddenly the Moonlight Knight appears -- but how can he be there with Darien, if Darien IS the Knight?

145. Cherry Blossom Time

Ann and Alan want to feed their dying "Doom Tree" with energy from humans who are paying homage to the beautiful Cherry blossoms. Sailor Moon receives the Moon Scepter from her Mother.

146. Kindergarten Chaos

Evil villains try to steal the energy of defenseless kindergarten students by stealing the entire school bus full of kids. Serena changes into a substitute teacher to ride the bus and save the kids.

147. Much Ado About Baby sitting

When Alan and Ann's Cardian monster attacks a day care center, Serena and Darien are forced to become baby sitters for a small child. Serena hopes it will rekindle their romance.

148. Raye's Day in the Spotlight

Raye is organizing the Autumn festival, and is the show's number one star. But her moment in the spotlight is cut short when a monster from the Negaverse makes an appearance.

149. Food Fetish

Everyone has food on the brain when Lita tries out some of her coolest goodies on Alan, making Ann very jealous. Then the Sailor Scouts have to deal with Ann's wave of rage.

150. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Ann sets her sights on the lead in Darien's new play. Alan sends a monster from the Negaverse to gather all the energy from the audience and ruin the production.

151. Detention Doldrums

A dull day in detention for Serena heats up when a monster from the Negaverse appears that even Alan and Ann have no control over. Ann and Serena bet on who's going to snag Darien first.

152. Secret Garden

Ann and Alan are getting desperate for energy to feed their Doom Tree, and have called another monster to attack Melvin and Molly.

153. Treed

Sailor Moon, Luna and Darien are trapped by Alan and Ann's Doom Tree. The Doom Tree speaks and tells of how it was the "Tree of Life" a long time ago, and how it lives on positive energy not negative energy -- that's why it's dying. The Tree asks Sailor Moon to rid it of all the negative energy it has been fed all these years. Sailor Moon also learns that the Moonlight Knight is the courageous soul of Darien who fights the Negaverse, and Darien regains his memory, so the Moonlight Knight is no longer needed.

154. Serena Times Two

A child, Rini, falls from the sky, looks remarkably like Sailor Moon, and demands the Emperium Silver Crystal. Serena's family swears she's Serena's cousin, but she doesn't remember having a cousin. When villains from the future show up, Tuxedo Mask comes to save the day, but he feels an uncanny closeness to Rini.

155. The Cosmetics Caper

Rini is having a strange effect on Darien. He breaks up with Serena leaving her devastated and broken hearted. Villains from the Negaverse (and the future), lead by Rubeus, are trying to take over and destroy Crystal Tokyo (the city one thousand years in the future), and another monster tries to sell cosmetics from a store filled with Negaverse energy.

156. Sailor Mercury Moving On?

Amy's off to Germany to study to be a doctor like her Mother. Her departure has

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