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You know You're Ghetto If....
(Reasons 151-250)

151. you wear dirty clothes and spray perfum on them to make them smell good.
152. you only have money for 2 rims, and you put both on the driverside.
153. you turn on your system and your trunk rattles from the bass.
154. you put pancakes with syrup in a ziplock bag and bring on the bus.
155. you drive around a school parking lot with your music blasting and you think that you are the man.
156. you buy your girlfriend flowers from shoprite.
157. you make sure everyone sees your pager.
158. you set the alarm on your pager to go off and fake that you got a page.
159. when you recline your car seat so far back you can hardly see, just to get your proper lean on.
160. when you put put flash lights on a car with no headlights.
161. no matter how ugly your ride is the first thing you get is some rims.
162. no matter how ugly your car is the second thing you get is a system.
163. you have cars parked on your front lawn.
164. have a three bedroom house and 20 people live there.
165. have a fur coat and you're riding the bus.
166. you own a copy of "Menace 2 Society" with the numbers running at the bottom.
167. your rims cost more than your car is worth.
168. you fail a drivers test.
169. you describe people by their gold teeth.
170. you have considered getting a gold tooth.
171. your four year old can't talk, but can do the Tootsie Roll.
172. you constantly use *69 on your telephone and you say "Did you just call here?"
173. you ask if the Dollar Store accepts checks.
174. you rob house your neighbors house.
175. you don't freeze your flavor ices and just drink them on thoose hot summer days.
176. you can't afford milk so have to put water in your cereal.
177. you dont get accepted to the army.
178. you spraypaint your rims gold.
179. the finger nails on one hand are 2 inches longer than the ones on the other hand.
180. your milk label says "add water."
181. you own a towe-down car with an alarm.
182. you turn down the proposal but the engagement ring.
183. you wrap your presents in newspaper.
184. you keep food stamps in a money clip.
185. you chew ice.
186. you bring your own snacks to the movies.
187. you wash your paper plates
188. when you wrap your presents in newspaper.
189. you eat chicken and biscuts for breakfast.
190. you bring your own catsup to a resturant.
191. you can trace relatives as for back as fifth and sixth cousins.
192. you serve mustard greens and hamhocks on Thanksgiving.
193. your tracks melt in the heat.
194. you've had your rent to own furniture for more than eight months.
195. you use scratched up CD's as coasters.
196. you still think "I believe I Can Fly" is da bomb.
197. when you put clear nail polish on fake jewelry to make it last longer.
198. when your children are also your nieces and nephews.
199. you drive a car with four different hub caps.
200. you were a sequin gown to a church function.
201. the hair on your legs are nappy.
202. you hang out with kids named Scar Daddy, Slop, or Shanky
203. you wanna bang your friends 13 year older sister
204. you've been married 3 times and you still have the same inlaws.
205. you have more than 2 hair styles on one head. (Ex. French Roll on the back right, Crimps on the back-left, Spiral Curls in the front going to one side, and fingerwaves in the front.)
206. when you have atleast four kids out of weddlock.
207. You know you are definitly ghetto when you own Jewelry heavier than a 400 page book.
208. you starch your jeans hard enough to where they stand up like card board on their own.
209. Not only only are you ghetto, but you must be one dumb mofo if your baby brother passes you up in school.
210. You know you attend a ghetto school if they mis-spell "buses" on a sign out front and they don't even bother to change it. (i.e. "busses")
211. you painted car the colors that represent your sorority or fraternity.
212. your skin tone is a deep chocolate and you dye your hair honey blonde.
213. your not only fast, but good ghetto if you are sixteen years old and your daughter is five years old.
214. you put sugar on your frosted flakes.
215. your kids were in your wedding.
216. you call your mama by her first name.
217. you have a car phone and no car.
218. you iron dirty clothes.
219. you've been a guest on Ricky Lake, Jerry Springer, or any other tastless daytime talk show.
220. you wear house shoes to the grocery store.
221. you're nineteen and you just met your father.
222. you use a clothes hanger as a TV antenna.
223. you have a wife and kids but still live at home.
224. you cain't (kant) spell "can't."
225. you still wear anything that says "Whoop There It Is!"
226. you record over previously recorded tapes.
227. your mom does your hair in the kitchen.
228. you don't pay your rent until you get a three-day notice.
229. you put on panty-hose instead of shaving your legs.
230. you buy clothes for a party and return them to the store the next day.
231. you only go to church on Easter and Mother's Day or to meet women.
232. your first name begins with Ta',La', or Sha'.
233. you took the batteries out of the smoke detector to put them in your pager.
234. your bank is a check-cashing and bail & bond place.
235. you have to put stuff on layaway at the 99-cent store.
236. your man can wear his hair in a ponytail but you can't.
237. you is hooked on ebonics.
238. you think putting batteries in the refrigerator recharges them.
239. you had to be in the house before the streetlights came on when you were little.
240. you take bubble baths with dishwashing liquid.
241. you return gifts for the money.
242. you yell "Pookie" in your house and five people turn around.
243. you think going to prison is "Keeping it real."
244. you save cooking grease.
245. the only dates marked on the calendar are the 1st and the 15th.
246. your mama whipped you and your friends.
247. you keep food stamps in money clip.
248. you think grease and water wil make your hair curly.
249. you wear tube socks with dress shoes.
250. you add water to shampoo to stretch it.

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