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All About Me

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Sign- Cancer (1985 - you do the math) yes that is a very old pic of me at the top. I was 15 when that pic was taken.
School - Southern University (main campus) A*K*A "The Yard"
High School Alma Mater- McKinley Senior High School (McK)My McKinley Senior High School Page

What more can I say???
I'm majoring in music education and I plan to attend law school and eventually practice entertainment law. I play the violin, piano, and I sing. I used to take dance. Yes, I can still tap dance and do jazz. My b-ball dreams came to an end summer 2003. I still play during my free time. I will always love working out.I used to say that I was a future WNBA Star. Now I guess I'll be representing players and managing them. Ofcourse I love ALL types of music. I still enjoy writing.

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