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This Week's Lunch Menu

This Week's Lunch Menu

for the week of May 1 - May 5, 2000


Mini Corndogs or BBQ Rib Patty on Bun
Ranch Dressing, Potato Rounds, Carrot Sticks, Fruit Cobbler
Milk - Choice


Spaghtti or Stromboll or Tossed salad, Whole Kernel Corn, Hot Rolls
Chilled Fruit or Juice
Milk - Choice


Hot Turkey Sand or Steak Sub
Peppers and Onions, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes Gravey, Coleslaw Jello w/fruit
Milk - Choice


Pizza or Sub Sandwich
Lettuce, Onion, Pickle, Tossed Salad, Potato Wedges
Fruit or Juice Dessert
Milk - Choice


Chicken Nuggets or Hambeurger on a Roll or Lettuce, Onion, Pickle
Tator Tots, Coleslaw, Hot Rolls, Fruit Sharbet
Milk - Choice

Daily Choice

Chef Salad/Crackers & Milk, Nachos/Chili & Cheese, Vegetable & Vita Pup

Daily A-La-Carte Items

Sandwich, French Fries, Nachos & Cheese, Hot Fudge Cake
Fruitopia, Water, Small or Large Juice, Milk, Vita Pup

*NOTE* Some changes may be made to the lunch and breakfast menu.