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Disclaimer: The links placed on this page were offered as a service to the viewing public. Garden High School nor the Buchanan County Virginia School Systems take responsibility for the contents of these links.

Buchanan County Public Schools Homepage.

Information Please homework helper

2001 Colleges; College Scholarships, and Financial Aid page

Scholarship Search Services; A page with links to all nine free scholarship search services on the net.

101 TOP College, University, and Scholarship Web Pages; A page with the very best admissions, financial aid, college prep, and career sites on the net. Lots of great sites.

Free College Scholarship Newsletter; a page to sign up for a free e-mail newsletter in which experienced educational professionals write articles, submit tips, and answer readers questions about college preparation, college selection, college admission, scholarships, financial aid, careers, and college life.

The CollegeBound Network; Free online college prep mega-site.

The Herald Courier; Online Bristol newspaper

The Daily Telegraph; Online Bluefield newspaper

Student/Alumni Links

Chris Hess' home page

Amy Looney's home page

If you are currently enrolled at GHS, or have graduated from GHS and have your own homepage, send the information by E-Mail and we will add a link to your site