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Band Roster

Garden High School Band

All-District Band

Three Garden High School students were named All-District Band in the recent district band competition. Students named to All-District were, Morgann McClanahan, who plays the trombone; Sabrina Compton, who plays the clarinet; and Matthew Horn, who plays the baritone.

GHS Band Roster

Amanda Baldwin

David Ball

Latisha Ball

Kelly Bishop

James Breeding

Debbie Childress

Ronnie Childress

April Clayburne

Donnie Clayburne

Sabrina Compton

Brandie Hale

Nicky Hale

De Harman

LeAnn Hess

Matthew Horne

Thomas Horne

Jenny Jackson

Tonya Keen

Victoria Keen

Beth Kinser

Alishia McGlothlin

Allison Meadows

Jessica Ratliff

Russell Street

Tommy Vestal