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Romeo and Juliet Activities

Good Morning, I am pleased that you find the Romeo and Juliet assignments useful. It's fine if you paste them on your web page. I want you to know, however, that all of these are not my original ideas. They come from years of courses, reading, and discussion. I tried to fix up the messy copy that was posted. It follows this note. Should you decide to use the project, credit as: Margaret Murray, Lynn Classical High School, Lynn, MA Seventy percent new material in Atwell's book? That's certainly worth the money. I look forward to your review. I tried to use the workshop in my freshman English classes last year. It was very time consuming and I had to limit it. I do think that allowing the students directed choice, time to read, and response time is very important. The students enjoy it as well, and if they become students who love to read, then I am delighted. I am hoping that the second edition will have material for teachers like me who have a full curriculum to cover. I do teach one upper level course which I am trying to run as a reading workshop. Last year was the first year. They chose books from a class collection, kept journals, chatted with me, read in class as well as outside, and wrote for me. The class was a little to quiet though - not much student-to-student activity. I am looking for ways to perk it up? Did I ask you for ideas yet? (25 student and 25 different titles) Margaret Literary Portfolio Romeo and Juliet (These activities should be done during our reading of the play and following the presentations based on research into Shakespearešs world.) Compile a list of ten favorite quotations from the entire play. Following each quotation, in at least two sentences explain why the quotation is important.Consider: Does it characterize? Does it indicate a complication? Is a theme implied? Does it demonstrate point of view? Is the impact of the setting revealed? Include five Wšs. Due within two days following our completion of the play . Upon completion of an act, assume the persona of a character. Write the diary entry that this character might have written as a result of his/her experiences during the act. You must assume the persona of a different character for each act. Each diary entry must be at least 150 words. Respond. Do not summarize, but do include specific evidence from the text.Submit each response within two days of completion of the act. Be an active reader.During your reading of each act, record five questions you would ask the characters if you could. Tell why you want these questions answered. Imagine you are a reporter for the Verona Times. Write a news story about an important event in the play.Use at least 150 words.Do not write about the scene in the tomb. Imagine that a character from Romeo and Juliet has been transplanted to Lynn in 1997. In complete sentences answer at least five of the following questions.Be sure to explain your answers. What in our world would shock this character? What would let anyone know this character is not the average citizen? What serious matters could you and the character talk about? About which important values would you disagree? What would your parents think about this character? What social causes would this character support? What TV program would most appeal to this character? What religious beliefs would appeal to or appall this character? Your choice... Write a summary of Act VI. What happens to the survivors one, five, or ten years later? Select one character on which to focus. Your predictions must be logical extensions of the characterization by Shakespeare. Choose one of the following activities: Create an 8 1/2 x 11 visual aid demonstrating any five Shakespearean terms, such as aside, allusion, etc.Consult your notes or the instructional materials at the end of each act of the play. (5 visuals) Illustrate with relevant art five of the significant quotations you collected. (5 visuals) Create a five-panel mural for one element of fiction: theme, characterization, setting (5 visuals). Each panel should be 8 1/2 x 11inches. Imagine you are a drama critic during Elizabethan times. Write a review of an imaginary Elizabethan production. Comment on the entire theater experience. (three paragraphs) Imagine you are Oprah. Write the script of a show featuring the Montagues and the Capulets. (2 pages) Design magazine advertisements for five products which would appeal to an Elizabethan audience. Include pictures and print. (5 visuals) Create a five page scrapbook for any character in the play with the exception of Romeo and Juliet. Include a few sentences to indicate the significance of each souvenir.