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Become A Legally Ordained Minister!

Become a Legally Ordained Minister!

What does being ordained mean?

It gives you the Legal Right to perform Marriage Ceremonies. You can also perform many other religious ceremonies such as Baptisms, Funerals, and many other Religious Services. You can even Start Your Own Church.

Is your Best Friend, Sister, Brother or someone close to you getting married soon? You could be the one to Officiate the wedding. You could start your own Congregation.

FIC Certificates are Legal in all 50 States and most other countries. Some states require that you register your name and Certificate with the County Clerk, at no charge in most states. With your request, you are asking to be ordained as a Minister of Freedom International Church.

You will be ordained and sent a very attractive "ordination certificate," which gives you the right to perform all duties of the ministry and to legally use the title "Reverend" or "Doctor". Your ordination is free, you are merely paying for the processing of the official ministry certificate, shipping is a minimal cost depending on your country. Shipping is $1.00 to anywhere in the U.S.A., and $5 - $10 US Dollars to other countries.

Cost of "Ordination Certificate" is $10 U.S. Dollars each.

This Attractive Certificate can have YOUR name on it.

We believe that anyone who wants to become an Ordained Minister should be able to do so. Women are welcome and do very well in this Vocation! Many women are pastors of many churches world wide.

It is a little known fact:

The Ministry pays very well.

As an Ordained Minister, You and your ministry can become very wealthy. Wealth to do what God wants you to do.

Wedding Ministers can make $100 to $500 per ceremony. Most Ministers have several ceremonies each week! That's just for reading a prepared ceremony for about 5 minutes to 20 minutes each.

Please check the laws regarding marriages in your home state, because each state will differ. These laws will differ from one country to another also.

When you add it up, the Ministry pays very well! It doesn't end there, You can start your own Church, Food Pantry, Homeless Shelter, Religious TV show, Travel the world as a missionary, etc...

You may ask where would I get the money to do all these things? Fund-Raising and Donations! Raffles for prizes that have been donated and on and on... People love to donate and will help you build your Church and/or fund your causes. You may also qualify for special tax exemptions. You will become part of the Clergy, entitling you to Clergy discounts on everything from dry cleaning to airline tickets, etc.....

God really does provide for those who do His work and spread His Word.

Have you been out of work?

Have you been praying for a good job?

Well.... THIS IS IT !

Your prayers have been answered!

This Appointment is for Life!

No one can lay you off!

No one can fire you!

No one can take it away from you!

You can work as much as you want!

The Freedom International Church is a Non-Denominational Church of Ordained Ministers for Ministers. You can practice any religion you want or cater to all religions. Once ordained you will not be alone, a network of thousands of Ordained Ministers will help you and answer any questions you may have. All the tools you need are here in this certificate to start your Ministry!

Our Belief: The Gospel of Jesus Christ must go into all the world!

Our Objective: Get the Word of God to all nations!

Our Goal: A Life of Peace for Everyone!

The Freedom International Church has only one belief or doctrine. We believe in the Word that God has set forth. Each individual has the privilege and responsibility to carry out the vision that God has put in their own heart. We do not stand between you and God. We are active advocates of "The First Amendment" of the "Constitution of the United States of America": "The Freedom of Religion".

We Are Advocates Of Jesus Christ !

You will Become an Ordained Minister. You will receive an attractive "Certificate of Ordination," suitable for framing.

Average delivery time is 5-10 days to the United States, but please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

(In United States we accept Money Orders and personal checks, but these must clear our bank before I can ship your certificate.)

International Shipping times will vary, so please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Your certificate is shipped within 2 days of receipt of verified funds or CASHIER'S CHECK IN US DOLLARS ONLY.

These Checks should be made payable to:

Freedom International

To check your Local Marriage Laws, call your county clerk’s office for more information. They will also tell you how to register your "Ordination Cerificate" with their office,which is usually free of cost. This process will make you an "Official" – "Legal" minister of the Gospel.

Cost of processing "Ordination Certificate" is $10 U.S. Dollars each.

If you want special words after your name, cost is $3 dollars more each certificate.

Examples: John Jones D. D. (Doctor of Divinity)

......... James Wilson, Evangelist

......... Zabzuwa Joel, Pastor,

......... Nigel Esumag, Deacon,

......... Brider Donet, Apostle,

......... Donver Edder, Exhorter,

......... William Ride, Prophet, etc.....

You tell me and I'll write it next to your name.

Shipping is $1.00 to anywhere in the U.S.A.

International Shipping is a cost of $5 - $10 US Dollars - depending on your country.

If you wish to purchase an Ordination Certificate, send your request to me by clicking on the e-mail address below and send me your full legal name and your other special words in addition to your name for the certificate, and tell me your country and I'll calculate the cost of shipping from U.S. Post Office.

All proceeds from certificate sales are used for ministry and purchasing supplies in United States, Albania, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and other places in Africa.

Your help is greatly appreciated and blessing other people in the world.

Please click on the e-mail address below to begin your new life of ministry!