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These are some of My favorite links that I know you will enjoy visiting.
You may have never been able to visit them before - But I have looked them all up and installed them on this page for you to just sit back and enjoy their ministry.

For A Great Tour Of Great Ministries:

Click on their link names

Please visit my friend and partner, Kenneth Copeland. Boy, Can he teach you some FAITH!
Then you can drop by and say hello to John Avanzini for a trip into the Word about Financial Success. He can teach you about "Money Business."
Once you get finished with these two men of God, you can move on to a chat with Benny Hinn and perhaps he'll have a meeting scheduled in your area.
Once you've received your miracle from Benny Hinn, You can knock on the door and have a good laugh in South Louisiana Cajun Country with Bro. Jesse Duplantis. He'll have a great rolling good time for you!
Now, for a time of revelation knowledge about End-Time Prophecy, please visit Dr. Jack Van Impe.
Now that you've visited a seasoned minister of the Gospel, you can move on to a great teacher and pastor, the Rev. T.D. Jakes. Find out what He's doing for the Kingdom of God.
Now you have the priviledge of learning from a True Apostle of FAITH, Bro. Jerry Savelle. Look over his site and find out what he's doing.
Let's not forget the wonderful teachings of how to walk and live by FAITH from Bro. Kenneth E. Hagin, Jr., of Rhema Bible Training Center.
Let's take a turn off the beaten track from our regular tour and drop in on Creflo Dollar, a man truly filled with the Spirit of God and teaching in great revelation truth from the Word of God.
Now we can visit with a recognized, true Prophet of God, Bro. Oral Roberts at O.R.U.
NOW - It's time for a visit to the world's largest television network - It's owned by the people of God and it's DEBT FREE! Come Home To TBN. Trinity Broadcasting Network
Now, for the Grande Finale - Charles Capps will tell you what to say from God's Word.
I trust that you have enjoyed your visit with these great men of God, and will visit them again.

God bless you in everything you put your hands to do!

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