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The Library
Treasure Hunt

Listen for answers to these questions. If you need
to ask a question, wait until after the librarian
finishes talking and asks “Are there any questions?”
before you raise your hands to ask questions.



1.  What is a journal?





2.  Where in the library are the most recent (the newest) journals kept?





3.  In which room are the encyclopedias kept?






4.  What are two major general encyclopedias that the library possesses?







5.  Find out the name of a medical encyclopedia the library owns.






6.  What is a call number? Where is it located on a book?  Why are call numbers used?




7.  If you know the title number of a book (say your teacher has given it to you), what are

two ways you can you find who the author is?





8.  If you know a topic you wish to research, but don’t know the names of books that might

help you, other than asking the librarian, what two places might you go to in order to find out this information?




9.  A library’s card catalog is usually organized in three ways. One is  by subject. The other

two are by  ________________  and  _________________.




10.  If you go to look for a book, and the book you want isn’t there, why might this be?






11.  What is OVID?





12.  Can you access OVID from your home computers?






13.  What kind of information can you find in OVID?






14.  How can you find out if our library owns a particular journal?






15.  If you need a book, and the library doesn’t own it, what is the name of the process

      whereby the library can get it for you?





16.  What is the name of the room older journals are kept in?






17.  How long are you allowed to borrow books for?




18.  Where can you go in the library to xerox information from books or encyclopedias?

Can you pay with money – or by what other means is payment made?





19.  What hours are the library open?




20.  On a separate sheet of paper, write a short paragraph describing what  materials are

      kept in either the periodicals or circulating room. (Include a topic sentence).


– Alyx Meltzer, Fall 2001