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Silicone Gel Implants

By Susan Jawad


Listen to a lecture about silicone gel implants. Then answer the questions below.

Reading Comprehension

1-     What is silicone?

a-      a family of chemical compounds

b-     carbon

c-      hydrogen

2-     Who can have silicone gel implants?

a-      mastectomy patients

b-     for general public

c-      young women

3-     The introduction of silicone gel implants was introduced in the ___.

a-      40s

b-     50s

c-      60s

4-     Silicon gel implants received a ban from the FDA because ___.

a-      it is dangerous

b-     expensive

c-      not useful

5-     What is an effect of silicone gel implants?

a-      headache

b-     rupture

c-      bleeding

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