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A Comparison of Amoebic Dysentery and Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Part 1

Directions: After listening to a short lecture, answer the three questions below.

1.      Based on the listening, you can infer that intestinal schistosomiasis may exist in ___.

a.       the United States

b.      Iceland

c.       Oman

2.      The difference between amoebic dysentery and intestinal schistosomiasis is ___.

a.       amoebic dysentery is an infection whereas intestinal schistosomiasis is a disease

b.      amoebic dysentery is more widespread than intestinal schistosomiasis

c.       amoebic dysentery is found in the United States but intestinal schistosomiasis is not

3.      The aspects being compared are ___.

a.       cause, effect, and symptoms

b.      cause, transmission, effect, and treatment

c.       cause, transmission, symptoms, and effect

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