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Top Ten Rejected Band Names

Top Ten Rejected Band Names

  1. Motley J. Crew

  2. Pearl Bailey Jam

  3. Derek from Dominos Here's Your Pizza

  4. Marilyn Hanson

  5. WHAM! Bam! Thank You, Hand

  6. Strongly Worded Letter-Writing Campaign Against the Machine

  7. Kenneth Starrship

  8. Goyz II Mensch

  9. Yo' Mamas and Yo' Papas

  10. 38DD Special

  11. Porno For Pedos

  12. Nuns 'N' Rosaries

  13. MiniVan Halen

  14. Nine Inch Males

  15. Wait-D.M.V

  16. Puff, The Magic Daddy

  17. The Yeastie Girls